Alpha P&W is an odd place indeed, it is filled with people that consider themselves intelligent and it has more flaming inside it than flame designated forum Trash Talk.

The Alpha Poli-War Forum UserEdit

Your average, run-of-the-mill Alpha Poli-War forum user is typically a marginal player with a self-inflated and undeserved ego, with posts punctuated by bad ESL skills.  To overcompensate for their life of self-imposed exile in their mom's basement--devoid of any real human interaction--the poster-in-question will periodically deliver lengthy dissertations, speckled with hints of role-play scattered about the post like surprise rat turds one may find in their Applebee's Caeser Salad.  More times than not, a wall-of-text rant will be closely followed by one the original poster's fan boys replying "^ this! ".  Usually, one doesn't have to wait long before a Rainbow LLama comes along to point and laugh at the absurdity, incurring all manner of eRage by the OP and the other 'typical' Poli-War posters who feel that their eHonor has somehow been violated by being called out for Role-Play.

On Flame Wars and LLamas Edit

Prior to the LLamas arriving en masse, Alpha Poli-War was a respectable forum, loaded to the gills with all manner of make-believe, role-playing goodness.  Treaties were signed with the appropriate amount of pomp and circumstance, flair and panache.  Wars were declared in meticulous Elizabethan-esque English.  Guild Masters, Diplomats and other arch-dukal types were painstakingly referred to by their honorific, lest the denizens of LARP publicly sanctioned them and, ultimately, KOS'd the errant poster for his/her transgression.  It took no more than 20 minutes for the recently-arrived dromaderies to descend upon the masses with taunts, jeers and lots of "WTF? You guys are forserious, aren't you??".  Needless to say, this resulted in the immediate bans of many LLamas, and the collective BAWWWWWW'ing of the Alpha Astroverse could be clearly heard all the way down in reDong's mom's basement.  With their fearless leader RudeDog at the helm, the Alpha Poli-War forum community has had no choice but to deal with LLamas, with their only recourse to repeatedly stab the "REPORT" button of any and all LLama posts, resulting in many a "jfc..." muttered by many a moderator.  As a footnote, the LLamas are always prepared, willing and able to turn any thread into a flamefest, especially when Sir Lord DeathKnite gets his knickers in a knot.'

Trash Talk TrollsEdit

Many TTers, often having originated from Alpha P&W, come back to it. They seem to greatly annoy the Alpha P&Wers due to the spam they bring with them, as Alpha P&Wers prefer flame threads rather than spam threads.


Due to the fact that the moderation team is always in a state of flux, one need simply look to see which "Flavor of the Month" is running the show.  There'll always be the likes of Ikari moderating at a global capacity, but the most recent addition to the moderation team in Alpha Poli-War is Hammurabi.  The interesting side-note with this recent appointment is that Hammurabi is not a Alpha AE player.  In a bold move, the forum administration team (finally) decided that allowing players to moderate others who played in the same server set up the potential for mod abuse of their in-game opponents.  Thus, Belanus was sent to Fenix forums (after the DCR Meltdown Thread ) to moderate, and Hammurabi was sent to Alpha Poli-War.  It should be noted that 80% of any Alpha Poli-War moderator's job is to warn and ban LLamas.

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