Arkhe Theia

The Divine EmpireEdit

We are Arkhe Theia, the Divine Empire, built on twin principles of honor and of glory. We hold to our word and we fight together.

The members of Arkhe Theia are a strong group of close friends and allies. We work together as well as any top guild combining our forces into one steel fist against our enemies.

Conflicts of Arkhe TheiaEdit

ΑΘ vs 42SDEdit

The forces of the Divine Empire have fought in several wars, both of which gained our growing guild much respect from larger and more experienced guilds. Our first large conflict was against the forces of the 42nd Space Division. The war was started by the 42SD member DarkKnight's continued aggression towards ΑΘ members and their underestimation of the entire ΑΘ. The war started off evenly and lasted for a while with bases and fleets being taken on both sides. The conflict was eventually resolved after the 42SD's main jump gate was taken and, sadly for 42SD, before a large portion of their fleets could reach the combat area. The ΑΘ vs 42SD war was ended as a mutual agreement that 42SD had underestimated Arkhe Theia and much respect had been gained from both sides. 42SD and ΑΘ have now become close allies under the terms of an MDP and look forward to a close relationship as long as our guilds persist!

Notable Players:Edit

Both GMs

  • 42SD Evil
  • ΑΘ Akhilleus
  • Akhilleus, Artemis and Praetor for loosing their entire fleets, rebuilding and getting back into it!
  • ArchAngel Dillon for his precise planning of attacks and military skills
  • Deus_Ex_Astro for his willingness to throw his entire fleet at the enemy for the good of the guild
  • Tikek for his excellence in scouting
  • Carnyorth for his flawless tactics and execution
  • Kiwi for his relentlessness after taking the brunt of the ΑΘ attacks

ΑΘ vs 3PoEdit

The second of the major conflicts ΑΘ has been involved in is the war against 3Po. 42SD found themselves in a war against CG, which then escalated into a war against the combined forces of The Star Union, made up of SLY, CR, and CG. These forces combined were still outmatched by 42SD so the 7th Eagle Corps also entered against the 42SD. Because of the now completely uneven sides 42SD called upon their allies,including ΑΘ, TSE and SEA. Once 3Po got wind that ΑΘ may join to help our allies they decided to declare on us but leaving SEA and TSE to join with 42SD.

3Po sprung their initial attack on ΑΘ by slaughtering Adamant's entire mobile fleet on top of a guildmates base within minutes of their declaration, as to take him out of action, thanks to him being the top-priority target, honing more dues towards his fleet totals compared to 3Po's. This act spurred much anger and unrest throughout ΑΘ and the friends of Adamant. 3Po was mostly based in lower galaxies while ΑΘ was in the higher ones, this ended up in the complete destruction of all fleets and the holding of all 3Po bases in the higher galaxies while 3Po held several ΑΘ bases in the lower galaxies. The war seemed to grind on with little to no action at all for the duration of several weeks. The bulk of the 3Po fleets were all based in their home galaxy on a single well defended jump gate. This was all Adamant's friends from NPO needed, they planned out and executed a perfect attack on the 3Po JG slaughtering around 45million in 3Po fleet in a single hit. Including, much to the NPO allies joy, 47 Titans, 9 Levis and 3 Death Stars! This destruction brought ΑΘ and 3Po to discussion about ending the war, ΑΘ had proven themselves a worthy adversary once again and 3Po had successfully kept us out of the 42SD vs TSU/SEA conflict.

Notable Players:Edit
  • Dragonlover and Ender for their incredibly planned and executed attacks throughout the war
  • Deus_Ex_Astro
  • Mjolnir
  • ArchAngel Dillon
  • Damage King
  • Centarui King
  • Praetor
  • Nex Angelus
  • AURE
  • pascolactica
  • all for successfully taking and holding ALL the enemy bases and fleets in the upper galaxies for the entire duration of the war
  • Artemis for dealing with her permanently occupied bases
  • Adamant, for his willingness to stick with the guild and the game, after his massive fleet-loss, which sparked the war, and for his attempts at helping other guildmates coordinate attacks.
ΑΘ's gratitude to:Edit
  • Breakfast
  • King Justin
  • Shade
  • Thuntor
  • The Iron Duke
  • The Alpha Ninja
  • Razgriz
  • Bluemofia

ΑΘ vs 7thEdit

The third of the large wars ΑΘ has participated in is the war against the 7th Eagle Corps. Several 7th members staged an attack on a small ΑΘ jumpgate with three members fleets stationed there. They struck quickly and easily overwhelmed them before most of ΑΘ had any idea they were attacking. [ΑΘ]Ruler of Shadows was the only member close by and suicided most his fleet into the 7th fleets left there aiming his kamikaze pilots at the enemy recyclers.

The 7th members cleared the debris quickly with minimal resistance and retreated to their own jumpgate. While they had been recycling ΑΘ had found this jumpgate and prepared for attack. ΑΘ members struck back and slaughtered the 7th resistance mirroring their attack. By this time all of ΑΘ had mobilized and prepared for further hostilities, which were not far off. ΑΘ leadership then put on the guild profile under war "members of 7th" as ΑΘ was about to start a war with another guild and did not want the other guild declaring on ΑΘ while busy with the members of 7th. 7th leadership took this to mean we had declared on 7th, a guild double our strength, and made a declaration of war against ΑΘ attempting to spin it to make it appear ΑΘ had declared and were the aggressors. [ΑΘ]Akhilleus did what he could to enlighten people on the true actions but many did not listen.

From this point ΑΘ took and held most 7th bases in the conflict galaxy while 7th took a few bases in other galaxies. Everything was quite for several days other than small attacks attempting to clear occupations, then the 7th landing zone was found, they were moving 160 million to a lvl 1 JG in a outer region. ΑΘ immediately put together a plan of action and under ArchAngel Dillon's coordination moved in for the hit. Deus_Ex_Astro, Arcturus, ArchAngel Dillon, and Praetor being the main attackers. Between the ΑΘ attacks nearly 40 million of 7th fleet was destroyed in one swoop resulting in 22+ million debris with every battle report giving positive ratios. As more ΑΘ members became active the fleets began to add up on the 7th JG to repel the incoming fleets. ΑΘ held the base, and collected all the debris over the next 32 hours as the incoming fleets added to the debris pile or got on in time to recall. This was a great victory for ΑΘ, we had taken an enemy base covered by more fleet than we had and held it claiming all the debris.

At this point ΑΘ achieved some much needed rebuilding time as many of the 7th fleets had to recall for several days before launching again. ΑΘ held back to the conflict galaxy holding our occupations until the occupied switched guilds, and rebuilding as quickly as possible. 7th then formed their blob in a lower galaxy, a week passed with minimal aggression and as ΑΘ was planning to take another of the 7th JGs Akhilleus and BtK finally drew a close the conflict ending it in a "white peace."

ΑΘ definitely saw this as a victory, it was difficult for any to say 7th had won or even that it ended on even grounds.

Notable PlayersEdit


  • [ΑΘ]Akhilleus
  • [7th]♪B-ŧ-K♪


  • Deus_Ex_Astro
  • Arcturus
  • ArchAngel Dillon
  • Praetor
  • Nex Angelus
  • AURE
  • ~Damage King~ 東方不敗
  • Centarui King
  • Starchild
  • Ruler of Shadows
  • airwolf
  • [42SD]Kiwi
  • [BoC]Varnus, Element of Darkness, DRAGONS UNLEASHED


  • Thrax
  • Klann Schreck
  • Avenger
  • Avanger9220
  • [CoRM]Ahmed

Arkhe TheiaEdit

Tag: [ΑΘ]

Guild #: 3900

Guild Master: Akhilleus

Guild Created: 430 days

Level: 118.61 (rank 38)

Economy: 158,328 (rank 34) Fleet: 179,554,745 (rank 39)

Members: 49

Political Standings



[7th] MikeDean














Recruitment:ArchAngel Dillon

Diplomacy: Akhilleus or ArchAngel Dillon


Homepage: Forum: Insert non-formatted text here

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