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The AstroEmpires Wiki Manual of Style is a style guide designed to make the information presented here easier to read in English. Consistency promotes higher quality and greater cohesion between articles and allows users to more easily navigate the multiplicity of user generated content. Writing style and formatting should be applied consistently throughout an article; one exception being direct quotations where it is necessary to maintain the original text.

Article titles, headings and sections Edit

Article titles Edit

This convention applies to the titles of internal AE Wiki articles only.

  • Titles should be written as nouns or noun phrases.
  • Keep the length of a title short.
  • The first letter of the first word, letters in acronyms, and the first letter of proper nouns are always capitalized; all other letters are in lower case.
  • Avoid using A, an and the as the first word unless it is part of a proper noun.
  • Pronouns are too be avoided, except when they form part of the title of a work
  • Links cannot be used in article titles and should not be used in section titles; instead, link the first occurence of the phrase in the body of the text.
  • Special characters such as slashes, plus signs, and braces should be avoided.

This convention also applies to Section headings.

First sentence Edit

  • When possible, use the article title as the subject of the first sentence of the article. If the article title is an important term, it should appear as early as possible. The first appearance of the title is always in boldface font, and you may include abbreviations in parentheses if any exist.
  • If the topic of an article has no formal name and the title exists as a description, then the title does not need to appear in the text, nor does it need to be in boldface.

Section headings Edit

  • See the Article titles section.
  • Section names must be unique within the page to avoid issues with internal links. Never use the same name for two different sections.
  • Avoid redundancies in titles. If a certain section is called Early life, you do not need a sub-section called His early life.
  • Section headings are created through the use of unspaced multiple equal signs and have a consistent style markup. Never use the boldface style markup in a section heading as they are already in boldface. Also, nest all headings correctly following this heirarchy:
    • the top-level heading of a page is H1 and gives the article title;
    • primary section headings are created using ==H2==, followed by ===H3===, ====H4====, and so on.

Capital lettersEdit


Game mechanicsEdit

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