Bad Company
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รς Trojanร

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Viking Raid

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June 29, 2008

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September 12, 2009


Bad Company is a capable guild located in the starting galaxies of Epsilon. The current government of Bad Company is dictatorship, people must listen to the GM for them to do stuff. The people in Bad Company are free to have fun and talk about anything they want. The idea for the guild name came from something totally not elite. The Name was based on a Video game brought to you by Battlefield. BC was one of the strongest guilds in the server of Epsilon, since it had high averages and it only has about 80 members.



BC was originated from one of the ruling guilds of Epsilon, Viking Raid. VRaid was first led by Omega,then given OsMarSus (a.k.a. Marianus). After a few problems in other Servers, the Mods banned his IP address. Then the leadership position was given to beward. He organized the guild, gave jobs such as internal and external, and gave leadership to Arcamis. Arcamis quit AE(and gave his account away to the diplomat of VRaid)when chaos broke in VRaid. VRaid after and disbanded, the players mainly went to -ONE-, which also disbanded after couple weeks, and ***, now known as TWBD. After, Bad Company was created and Black Magic became the new Guild Master of Bad Company. Three-quarters of Ex-VRaid came back to Bad Company after Magzy invited everyone back. About every elite player returned.

Players Leaving

During the war, many of the player thought the Third Gen Government isn't good enough, and many of them left to Blood, VvV, or other guilds. BC lost 80 members beucase of this.


The First War

  • Enemies: THG *\o/* and RPR (Pulled Out: *\o/* and RPR )
  • Winner: White Peace
  • Allies: SE7EN and VvV

The Second War

  • Enemies: VvV GOON
  • Winner: VvV and GOON
  • Allies: N/A



Recruitment to Bad Company is Closed, most of the players that can join Bad Company is from its Training Guild, Baby Bad Company, led by DarkBlade; but managed by รς Trojanร. Join Baby Bad Company if you are under level 32.

Recuitment is currently closed during the war.

Exceptions to join

There are exceptions to join Bad Company:

  • You are above level 28, a player in BC must vouch for you, and you will be questioned by 2 members of the high council.
  • You were from Viking Raid.
  • You come from a guild that has an alliance with Bad Company, and you came here to stay.
  • You pass the guild average for fleet, defense, and economy components.
  • You are on a temporary visit, need a trusted member in the guild to vouch for you, and a high coucil member will question you.

Government and Politics

Founding members of BC

These members are to remembered and not to be forgot. They are the original creators of BC. They contributed the most to BC.

  • Black Magic - Made the guild
  • Magzy - Got 1/3 people from VRaid back
  • ♦Sùpãn♦ - Wrote everything internally
  • รς Trojanร - Handled everything externally and made pacts
  • Aphrodite - Adds enterntainment internally

Some member may not be listed due to the writer's memory.


The diplomats of Bad Company is รς Trojanร.


The current government type is Democracy. Most of the times every person in the guild can vote on what to do, which guild is a good farming target, etc.

Bad Company First Gen Government

Ranked from Top to bottom:

  • Black Magic
  • Magzy
  • ♦Sùpãn♦
  • รς Trojanร
  • ╬Dragonfl╬
  • Smurf
  • Dreadhead
  • Henryyilupe

Bad Company Second Gen Government

Small guild merged.

Ranked from Top to bottom:

  • Black Magic
  • Magzy
  • Ehlrh
  • ♦Sùpãn♦
  • รς Trojanร
  • ╬Dragonfl╬
  • Smurf
  • Inferno
  • Dreadhead
  • Henryyilupe

Bad Company Third Gen Government

Merged with FMCG.

Since Black Magic is busy in Real Life, he gave leadership to Ehlrh.

╬Dragonfl╬ was the original creator of the E01 Dark knights, but soon he lost some of his powers and fell in the leadership ladder.

Many of the FMCG got received powers while the Internal Head Commander, ♦Sùpãn♦, left for some reasons for a week, powers was given to many new FMCG members. Also, many of the original founders of BC lost powers and fell to the bottom of the ladder. When ♦Sùpãn♦ returned, he was kicked by Ra-7. When ♦Sùpãn♦ came back for a second time, he was questioned by some members of the leadership, asking why he left. When they accepted him back in, he lost his jobs, team, internal contributions, the team that he made, and respect from FMCG members, but luckily kept the trust between the original VRaid and BC members

รς Trojanร was one of the original founding members of BC, and he was the only one who managed to stay in the top of the leadership ladder.

Ranked from Top to bottom:

  • Ehlrh
  • Inferno
  • Black Magic
  • Ra-7
  • Rope
  • รς Trojanร
  • ╬Dragonfl╬
  • ╬War Child╬
  • Dreadhead
  • Henryyilupe

Elite Teams of Bad Company

Two players each created their own Elite Farming Teams, who are ╬Dragonfl╬ and ♦Sùpãn♦. The recruitment to these two teams is Very Limited.

E01 Dark Knights

╬Dragonfl╬ created the E01 Dark Knights back in VRaid, and its members remained loyal after they went to 3 different guilds The members are:

  • ╬Dragonfl╬
  • ╬-+=$=+-╬
  • ╬War Child╬
  • ╬Starcrash╬
  • ╬pretty green eyes╬

Each Dark Knight is required to put the ╬ symbol in front and at the back of their names.

Fake Dark Knight

Some people copies the symbol of the dark knights, thy're is ╬von Brauchitsch╬, ╬Dark Descent ╬. There are more of these people out there that copied the symbol that only the Dark Knight bear.


VRE was the first team that was created in Viking Raid, and it was destroyed by the new Internal Head Commander who came from FMCG, Ra-7.

♦Sùpãn♦ created VRE, and he claims VRE is a secret abbreviation in latin.

The Members are:

  • ♦Sùpãn♦
  • Baltic
  • overfiend
  • Miss Sylver_Pea
  • Dreadhead
  • Henryyilupe
  • JJkedinca
  • ¢Blaze¢
  • Death from Above
  • Render

Bad Company Rule of Conduct

Since ♦Sùpãn♦ left, there were no consequences given to those who broke it.

Internal Rules

  • Number 1: Have fun.
  • Number 2: Don't give disrespect the high council and every member openly or behind their backs.
  • Number 3: If a spy is in the guild and is identified, he/she will be kicked and farmed repeatedly.

Code of Conduct

  • Number 1: Never plunder Trade Routes when the attacker is not in war.
  • Number 2: Don't steal occupations unless we are in the war with the occupant.
  • Number 3: Do NOT hit anyone who is in a guild that we have pacts with.

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