This is the Wiki page for Ceti's Band Of Beagles or BOB not to be confused with Band of Brothers BOB. This guild is Mostly based on dogs names for ranks. In any case BOB was formed by Shiloh. Shiloh is the complete founder and current GM of BOB. Later the guild was disbanded and deleted because a player named Bily Mays was accepted into the guild and removed everyone with work Shiloh tried to get all his players back but got 15/26 back. 1-2 months later he disbanded his Ceti guild and set up the same one in Delta.

Band Of Beagles Diplomatic Guild SetupEdit

The main setup of BOB is 1 Leader, 1 VGM, and 3 Trade Ministers, 1 Fleet Admiral, and 1 Prince Beagle (not too be confused with the VGM).

Roles Of the RanksEdit

Leader: Does evrything that a leader well... does.

Vice Leader: Does evrything the leader does EXEPT kick people.

Trade Minister: Oversees the trade board. And starts trade pacts with other guilds. Also gets open trade routes from other guilds and posts them on the board for filling.

Fleet Admiral: Oversees combat board. keeps peaceful relations with other guilds, and helps negotiate problems a guild may be having. Helps make Diplomatic decisions for the guild.

Prince Beagle: Oversees Guild when GM and VGM can't.


The Ranking of BOB depends on your levle. The list is here:

Levles 80+Beagle Levles 70-80:German Shepherd Dog Levels 60-70:Basset Hound Levels 50-60:Black Lab Levels 40-50:Golden Retrever Levels 30-40:Yellow Lab Levels 20-30:Swiss Hound Levels 10-20:Fox Hound Levels 0-10:Beagle Puppy


Rule1:No Fights With Out Guild Masters Permition ONLY. Rule2:What Guild Master/Vice Leader Says Goes. Rule3:Respect All Members Of The Guild. Rule4:No Attacking Allied Guilds/People. Rule5:Respect Every One In Allied Gulids. Rule6: DO NOT plunder allies Trade Routes. Rule7:NO Merging with other guilds. Rule8:NO ATTACKING an allied guilds Protectorates. (no attacking allied guilds, aillies,etc.) Rule9: DO NOT post Trade Routes during a war. Rule10:Give the Guild Master your Base locations for if attacked he/we can back you up. Rule11:Only the Guild Master can remove members from guild. Rule12:No complaining/withdrawing from guild because of how long someone has not been on. Rule13: No trying to take personal information from OTHER PEOPLE!

Requirements in BOBEdit

The list of requirement in BOB are listed here. YOU MUST HAVE THEM INORDER TO JOIN BOB:

Must have Econ. and level. You must have 1 fighter in you fleet. And 1 of your strongest defense. (Sorry Barraks not included). You must be Active or you will be rejected or kicked from the guild. You MUST HAVE 4 bases by level 15. Must have 2 trades.


Our Diplomasy is based on Fairness to all our players. We run using 5 main ranks in the diplomatic feild and have backups in the middle feild. (The lower feild is punishment). We also DON'T merge so don't ask because we don't reply. And we only attack if you wont relese an occupation


This page was made so players who want to join can see how we work and what they need to join. I also have made this page so people who want too know how we run know.

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