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This guide is designed to be an updated version of the older and out of date guide called 10 planets in 7 days. I took large chucks of the information regarding bases to build on and structures to build however, I have added a lot of my own material and experience that pertains to the new level protection rules.

This guide is a work in progress, however, it is the most efficient way to both get outpost ships as well as protect yourself from other players once you have surpassed level 10.


Account Day 0 Edit

Now let's get down to business. When you start a new account, it's preferred that you start on a moon(although a planet is just fine) with at least 3 solar or gas and more than 4 fertility

So, until you get an astro with at least 5 fertility and at least 2 metal (best to be 3), and at least 2 solar or 2 gas (best would be for one of those to be a 4), you'll need to restart again. So the BEST target astro to start with is a Rocky-like astro and should be solar or gas >= 4 AND fertility >=5 AND metal 3

Now that you have your base (Click on Bases, then Home Planet), click on structures and click build next to Metal Refineries. Then scroll down, there should be a queue structures button and a list of buildings you can queue. Queue up 1 Research Lab and 4 metal refineries. Note that you may have to queue a power plant or an Urban Structure in between them. This is because each building takes up a certain amount of energy and 1 population. You can see those stats in the top of the page. Always build the power plant that gives more energy. Otherwise you're just wasting space. Add these only when you need them. Always remember to keep your queue list full, especially if you're going somewhere or going to sleep. The queue list will finish by itself unless you run out of credits or you messed the queue list up. And when you do run out of Credits, the queue list activates when you do have the credits to build. When that Research Lab was built, go to research and research Computer. Then queue 1 more Computer. While you're doing that, build a spaceport, then a shipyard. When your 2 computer research finishes, build a Robotic Factory.

This is the basics of what you should do on all your planets, except for the research labs(which are only needed on one astro until you have at least 3-5 total bases).

Meaning, that after all this, you should have this:

  • Structures
    • 1 Research Lab
    • 4 Metal Refineries
    • 1 Robotics Factory
    • 1 Shipyard
    • 1 Spaceport
  • In Queue:
    • Metal Refinery
    • Spaceport
    • Robotics Factory
    • Shipyard
    • Research Lab

And repeat. Add power plants and urban structures whenever necessary too (I mean build the Power Plant you can and/or Urban Structures only when the planet DOES NOT allow you to continue construction without it). The specific order is because when you only focus on upgrading one structure, the cost steadily gets higher and your economy and construction won't be able to handle it. Alternating structures makes your economy and base stats grow faster and easier.

Research 2 Computer

You'll need that and 5 Research labs. Don't build them all at once, but slip them in the queue line every once in a while. Get them by the end of the day.

Now, this is what I expect if you started early:

  • 5 Research Labs
  • 7 Metal Refineries
  • 4 Robotics
  • 4 Shipyards
  • 4 Spaceports
  • 2 Computer

Go for 1 Energy and 5 more Energy in the queue. If you started late, try to get that in queue and rest up for tomorrow.

Account Day 1 Edit

Second day, time to get to work. It's more building and research and if you were active, you might run out of credits today. This is what you should get by the end of the day, following the rule of alternating structure building:

  • 8 Research Labs
  • 10 Metal Refineries
  • 6 Robotics Factories
  • 6 Shipyards
  • 6 Spaceports
  • Queue 2 shipyards and as many metal refineries as you can before you go to sleep. I'd say 12 metal refineries on the planet is good.
  • 8 Energy
  • 2 Computer
  • 4 Stellar Drive

If you didn't get 4 Stellar Drive, you're either bankrupt or not active. After you get 4 stellar drive, queue a Warp Drive. If you have 4 stellar but can't find Warp Drive, this is because you don't have 8 research labs. If you're bankrupt, don't worry, the queue list will do your work for you while you're asleep.

Account Day 2 Edit

Before starting, read the whole tutorial again to remember the steps you need to take. Day 3, now is the time to start building Outpost Ships. These require 8 Shipyards, 1 Warp Drive, and 100 credits on hand.

Yes, the sole purpose of the above is to get Outpost Ships as early as possible. If you were able to get these on the second night, you're way ahead, and you have a pretty good chance of getting 10 planets before your account expires.

Outpost ships let you build new bases on other uninhabited planets. These are the suggested ones to build one

  • Rocky - Pretty common, and are pretty good production bases. I prefer 3 solar and 6 fertility, but 4 solar and 5 fertility work fine too. I also prefer it being a moon instead of a planet (the reason why is at the end of this).
  • Metallic or Craters - Also common, and are also pretty good production bases. Don't pay much attention to the 1 crystal, as it's really not worth it. 3 solar and 5 fertility is what I'd go for. I'd also prefer a moon over a planet for this one as well. best astro hands down. look for slot 1/2
  • Asteroids - Not as rare as Crystallines, but they're good to work with. Its only drawback is its small area. I'd also prefer 3 solar and 5 fertility on this, because 4 fertility really hurts when you need to upgrade level 17 urban structures. These aren't as rare, so I do suggest finding these stats. try to alternate crystal mines with spaceports at the beginning. during this 7 days protection you need economy. after you could always change of discretion for production its ok to have one of these as a high lvl ring command center base for defense
  • Crystallines - Rare, but worth getting. I prefer crystallines with 3 solar and 5 fertility, but those are really rare. Frankly, I don't really care about the stats of them, but if they don't have those stats, you might have some problems with developing it. On these kind of planets a different kind of build is necessary. Ok, start always with metal refineries and robotic factory. and at the same time build Crystal Mines. you know metal refineries and robotic factory accelerate the building. when the crystal mines start getting expensive, alternate it with Economic Center (based on cost). and don't forget building good defense on it. Get AT MOST 4 of this kind, then go for something else. limit these one is good in the beginning but rockies are much better so go for the rockies
  • Never get arid, tundra, gaia, toxic, magma, metallic, or craters planets unless to fill a scanner hole or there are not more rockies.
  • Also never get anything outside of slot 1/2

When you're setting up your new base, you'll notice there's a fee. For your first new base (your second base), it'll cost you 50 credits. Every base after the last will cost twice what it used to.

Like so:

  1. 0 (base no. 1)
  2. 100 (base no. 2)
  3. 200 (base no. 3)
  4. 400 (base no. 4)
  5. 800 (base no. 5)
  6. 1600 (base no. 6)
  7. 3200 (base no. 7 )
  8. 6400 (base no. 8)
  9. 12800 (base no. 9)
  10. 25600 (base no. 10)

And so on. The tenth base will be expensive but don't worry, you will be able to make it, if you're pretty active.

Once you've set up your base, follow the instructions from day 1 and 2, except without the research labs. These stats are what you should attain on all your planets, regardless of type:

  • 12 Metal Refineries
  • 8 Robotics
  • 8 Shipyards
  • 10 Spaceports

As for research, aim for this and this only:

  • 10 Energy
  • 10 Computer
  • 8 Laser
  • 4 Stellar Drive
  • 1 Warp Drive

This will unlock Economic Centers and Nanite Factories. Build up to level 3 of both on all your bases. Remember to alternate. I expect you to get a total of 3 bases by the end of the day and 2 more outpost ships in construction for tomorrow.

This guide is a cross over from the closed Wiki. I wrote this guide many servers ago.

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