The symbol adopted by the CABAL Brotherhood.

The CABAL Brotherhood was an alliance which existed in the early to med days of Beta. The alliance which no longer exists was formed for the purpose of mutual protection and brotherhood between its member guilds. The alliance was one of the few on beta which is still recognised as an entity which stood for server balance.


The term CABAL was first brought into beta politics by [TSG] Hertz. The alliance which was the forbearer to the CABAL Brotherhood was created for the sole purpose of making a stand against BORG who had been responsible for numerous attacks on guilds across the new beta server. The original CABAL (Coalition Against Borg's Aggressive Legions) was formed on December 21st 2006 [1]. The alliance was formed by Hertz [TSG], Sensus [3-S], The Vilani Empire [~VE~] and EME [EME]. It was later joined by The Crimson Mercenaries [[{CM}], Grey Swords [xGSx], The Hand of God [THoG] and The Underground Movement [TUM].

The war was lost and the Cabal formally surrendered on the 10th January 2007 [2].

Birth of the BrotherhoodEdit

Following the surrender the remaining members of the Cabal discussed the creation of a new alliance. This alliance was dubbed 'The CABAL Brotherhood' and stood for mutual protection as well as server balance not the destruction of BORG as its predecessor had. The founding members of this new alliance where [{CM}], [~VE~], [THoG], [3-S], [THG] (Now known as [HWHz]). Earthsphere Alliance was elected by the guilds leaders to act as the alliances first high chancellor.

The BORG warsEdit

In its early days the CABAL Brotherhood would again enter war with BORG and its allies. The betaverse was turned on its head with the splitting of the Bloodpact alliance in the weeks following the CABALs surrender. This split later lead to full scale war between multiple of the bloodpact partners including [IMP] and [=T=] on one side, [BORG] on the other.

Shortly after the beginning of this war multiple attacks were made against CABAL members by BORG fleets. It was decided that it was necessary for the members of the CABAL to enter the conflict. On February 10th a declaration of war was made [3]. At this stage following internal approval and assurances of their support [HWHz] pulled out of the conflict before it had even started. Later that day [HWHz] were formally removed from the Brotherhood. Following the tides turning against BORG a white peace being declared for all parties involved.

Two weeks following the peace agreement the remaining bloodpact partners brought war to the CABAL. CABAL members and allies where declared on as part of a purging exercise. All members of the brotherhood had eventually entered the conflict bar The Vilani Empire which cited internal issues as its reason for sitting the war out. This war is remembered among ex-Cabal members as 'Vilani's betrayal'. The war was lost forcing Cabal members into a humiliating surrender.

In the weeks following this war beta was stepping ever so closer to a new beta war. Rumours of an impending conflict between BORG and =T= were surfacing. Further details on this conflict can be found on The rise and fall of the Bloodpact. The Cabal entered this war in support of their new friends in =T= and LGN (Originally IMP)[4]. Following a month and a half of fighting this war was ended with a white peace, however at a cost as the remaining bloodpact member’s alliance split and BORG itself broke apart.

The GOON warEdit

In the days following the end of the Bloodpact wars Earthsphere Alliance ascended to the throne of the Vilani Empire, passing on the position of High Chancellor to the empires ex-emperor Lucan. In this time of relative calm the CABAL lost long term member THoG who disbanded following internal issues, the majority of its members joining {CM}. Later new CABAL member MAUI was admitted to the alliance.

In the aftermath of this charge the war that became known as the war without sense began. The GOON guilds, which fought with the empire against the Bloodpact had begun multiple wars against smaller guilds. Unfortunately one of these wars was with an ally of CABAL member RL_GO. It was decided that the CABAL had to march into a war which put them at odds with their allies of the Bloodpact war and by the side of enemies from the same war.[5] This war with old friends raged for several weeks before the CABAL exited along with RL_GO and Vilani friends GoLD.

The collapse of the CABALEdit

With the end of the GOON wars the CABAL Council began looking at potential expansion. The guilds Argonauts ARGO and Myrm where admitted into the alliance. Unfortunately internal issues began to cause problems in the council. Word reached the CABAL of MAUI attacks on Project Metor [-PM-] a new guild formed by many from BORG. Despite continued attempts from PM to resolve the issues diplomatically pushes from newer CABAL members with something to prove forced the CABAL into a war with PM.[6]

After several weeks of effective cold war, war was declared and following extreme coordination screw-up’s on both sides neither side had made no real gains. Following this the High Chancellor, without Council clearance offered and completed a peace agreement with PM. This, along with the original reasons for the war and internal issues tore at the alliance.

On September 24th following internal issues {CM} withdrew from the alliance. Hours later in a coordinated action ~VE~ did the same. With the departure of the two largest members of the alliance the CABAL withered and died.

Many of the ideals that the alliance stood for still remain in ex-members of the CABAL to this day.


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