As of April 11, 2014 there were 987 players on the Lyra Server. Of those player 728 were level 30 and up, 34 of those were level 100 or above.

There were 45 guilds, however only 20 gullds had more than a single player.  Over 40% ot the players were members on one of the three largest guilds.

The ten highest players at this time are:

1 [AMIGO] theo
2 [AMIGO] Romulus 
3 [NoOne] Capt Kirk 
4 [NoOne] Barkley 
5 [NoOne] Scapegoat 
6 [LAL] hurbie 
7 [NoOne] :-owned-:
8 [NoOne] SuperBock 
9 [AMIGO] 3x Matu 3x 
10 [AMIGO] Kampeh 

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