Changes from Within

After TAPs GM - InfinityRAIN brought his bunch over to the 82nd Death Corps, D82 GM - Ra01 had decided that a change for the guilds was in order. D82 GM - Independent01(formerly Ra01) came up with Armies of Epsilon (EA01) as the 1 stands for 1st Infantry divison and is a symbol of a change in leadership and the guild as a whole were in order. D82 had already had plans to start its training program consisting of a mix of military might and skill, but with a democratic setup in order that both the small and big members have some say if they have any problems.

The training portion is mainly focused on listening to instructors as they teach about many subjects ranging from base defenses to fleets and everything in between. It is only a recent direction for the guild and so far has been slightly better than the past confusions.

The future is bright for this young guild as it has built its ranks to the beginning of a new power in Epsilon - the Armies of Epsilon await what the universe holds!!!!

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