Chaos empire 5
Chaos Empire
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Chaosbringer28 Skinywhiteboy

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March 2008


The Chaos Empire is a fairly new and weak guild that formed in the alpha server around early January and has recently been growing in some degreeby recruiting new members that it trains to be leaders in the guild.

Guild FormationEdit

The guild was created by two new players one of which is its current guild master chaosbringer28 and the other a now inactive player called kenshi the demon. Some time after the guild was formed a player who is currently named wolff of chaos joined and was made diplomat for guild which helped add members to the guild and got an alliance with the guild The Fallen Swordsman and just recently got an alliance with the Guild of Elite Pilots and the Divine Military Corporation. The guild has a brother guild on the delta server called Skeletons With gunz which was dissolved in november of 2008.


A decleration of war on the Chaos Empire and its allies was made by the player little scotsman near the beginning of December of 08 and is currently over.

After that multiple attacks from larger guilds have occured and cause most of the empire to collapse losing many of its members.


In September of 09 the guild collapsed and was finally disbanded due to lack of members.

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