Colonizing a base is easy but you need an Outpost Ship. These seem relatively expensive (100 credits) to new players and are often put off until the player is 7-20 days old. However some players build them ASAP Using the build 10 bases in 7 days guide.

Building A BaseEdit

Building a base is fairly easy just follow these steps to help you.

  1. Build an outpost ship. It does require researching Warp Drive level 1.
  2. Move it to an empty astro (one you like) and wait for it to arrive.
  3. When it arrives click the size of the fleet (if only an outpost ship was sent its size is 100) and it will show Attack/Move/build base etc. Click "build base" then name your new base.
  4. Begin construction of structures that build up your economy and the new base will begin adding income to your empire

Remember when you build an outpost ship to move it immediately because it is a weak unit and is not designed for Attacking or Defending.

Astro SelectionEdit

Selecting an Astro to Colonize is a bit more complicated. There are 14 types of planets, 14 types of moons, and don't forget the asteroids. See Astro In addition to the astro type, system location within the galaxy and orbit are important considerations.

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