Well-known Guild Leader of The Brotherhood of Odd. Also known on the forums as doobs. Known for repeatedly and frequently changing his in-game name (he is currently going by the moniker "Tom Waits") he is a hard man to track down. Inspiring, efficient and dangerous at his best, and lazy and ineffective at his worst (been working on that history of Odd for what, 4 months now?) he is truly a man of multiple personalities. His laid back personality, don't give a f-shut yo mouth attitude, and sarcastic humor has gained him many friends, though, also strangely, many enemies. People he has stated as being friends, who aren't in Odd or an affiliated guild, (or as he would say "some pretty kickin rad dudes") are Halo (whom he has referred to as "...the baddest dude in AE... since Alcibiades quit"), Gwelaf, Delaan, Paestro, RudeDogRob, Tab, Deus_Ex_Astro, Solarian, Drake Colin Rene, and Alcibiades (retired from Alpha). He is also a well known follower of the path of Gonzolia. So, who wants some filler? It's like the center of a delicious pie!

Dating ProfileEdit

Cormath is a single albino male, desperately searching for a soulmate with whom he can share peanut butter and chocolate without having to worry about whose got in whom's. It has been posited that he is capable of licking his own eyebrows, but that is currently unconfirmed. Halloween is his favorite holiday, and every year he selects five members of Odd to help him operate a life-size version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man which cries sweet, delicious tears if mocked. On Tuesday, Cormath complained that he was cold, and without a hat.

Cormath's ideal match would be a visibly scarred, emaciated, ex-gymnast amputee with red hair, but he'll settle for a brunette. He enjoys water polo, nude skydiving, and walks on the beach not measuring longer than 127 yards in distance.

[You can blame AmnesiaLab for this entry. If someone has something pertinent to put here, be my guest.]

My name is Cormath, and I approve of this message.

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