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Blackshot/ Galvatron

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July 3, 2008


Decepticons Guild on AlphaEdit

Decepticons are a guild based of of the Transformers Universe. The Guild Master Galvatron stresses to live like a Decepticon, to be evil with honor.

Decepticons culture includes following the guild rules, not attacking high level guilds or allies. The Decepticons split control of the Alphaverse by factions, one faction leader controls all guild members in a galaxy set (example being A01- A15). Each faction member then respond directly to Galvatron.

The ranking system in Decepticons is based on level, and on character name. Some guild members have chosen to use Decepticon names in order to receive a unique rank.


The Decepticons seem to be constantly at war, especially as their rank rises. Though they rank only in the 40's currently, they seem to have much fanfare from other guilds. Due to the guilds strong allies and their own strength the continually seem to come out on top, and gain more enemies for the next war.

Currently, Decepticons is entangled in a long drawn war with WD, or the Wolf Dragoons. The war is taking place primarily in the A05 Galaxy, where both guilds have a large concentration of fleet, and often debris.

Past wars have been:


Decepticons vs Aka+A09Edit

This was one of the Decepticons first wars. Most did not fight in it, and Galvatron made up most of the war. The reason A09 declared war on the decepticons was because Galvatron was farming their members. Ever since that they started to get payback. At the time they declared, galvatron was fighting off someone from RL because of a little beef they had. When it was done and galvtron destroyed his first titan, A09 sent 400k in fleet to Galvatron's doorstep. Even though galvatron lost allot of fleet fighting he sent his remaining fleet to the battle field and destroyed A09's first attack. When this happen Aka declared on us because Galvatron reported one of their members for cussing the decepticons out with a little calls galvatron friend got AKa out of the war.

Decepticons vs A09 Edit

Decepticons vs TDKEdit

The Decepticons enter this war to help out their blood brother VIR. When they they vir,rfa and others drop out the war due outnumbering TDK. But it didn't hurt the Decepticons they kept fighting on making great hits by the time it was over TDK surrender to the Decepticon a mmonth later they disband. Mostly because of galvatron!

Decepticons vs DTFEdit

This has been a reoccurring war, with two separate conflicts. The latest nearly became a server war as both sides gained allies, Decepticons briefly became the #15 guild during this conflict.

Decepticons vs 42SDEdit

42SD declare war on decepticons to prove they didnt declare war on DTF to help us. Decepticons was a little hurt from DTF but wuickly regain their strenngh and toke on 42sd. Great hits all around no disrepesct on the forum probadly one of the only wars that didnt turn into a flamefest

Decepticons vs DOSEdit

Decepticons vs ¤\Y/¤Edit

Even though Decepticons was at war with WD and Dos.Galvatron decide to make the target list bigger by declaring war on autobots a reclently form guild. After a week of fighting the Decepticons destroy the autobot guild.

Decepticons vs WD Edit

Decepticons immediately entered this war after the second war with DTF. The Decepticons faced of against WD and DOS for a bit, before DOS returned to their homes, and left the fighting to Decepticons and WD. After the Decepticons fortified one sector of A05, WD could hardly damage them. But in the end WD made the Decepticons surrender

The End Edit

On Thursday, July 3rd 2008... Decepticons ceased to exist.

Strangely, in its place there laid no debris, no note on the door, or even a good bye letter. It was disbanded and gone.

But, there are rumors that say Decepticons still walks astro empires who knows where they could be now....

(note by y squaredd?: I was in decepticons. They were great. Any information on what happend to them would be nice. And this article is acurate, their wasn't any warning...)

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