Devil Dog: Diplomat for T2K, following a quality over quantity fleet tactic, he rarely has large amounts of fleet, instead using a few large ships instead of using a large quantity of smaller ships.

Prefers to use 'physiological warfare', attempting to scare his opponent or make his bases appear unprofitable.

Approach with caution: Mild temper and may attack for insults and will attack previous attackers.

Time in Ceti Edit

Devil Dog first started out in T2K, invited by his friend AXB. After a few months of being in T2K and climbing through the ranks and reaching the position of diplomat, Devil Dog would soon leave T2K for months. After the JG crash in C44 Devil Dog left T2K for Order.

After the merging of Order into TC, Devil Dog left for Dojo, were he would spend roughly a months time in before being kicked out for reasons unknown.

Receiving criticism for still being under level 30, he explained how he would only go over the level 30 line once he establish 10/10 p-rings on his astros.

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