Dreadnought perspective
Product Information
Length3,217 meters
Technical Specifications
ArmamentItem photon
Research Required
Warp Drive12

Good Against: Bombers, Heavy Bombers, Corvettes, Destroyers, Frigates, Carriers.

Bad Against: Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers, Ion Bombers/Frigates.

Why use them? Good at stopping fighter drops.

A Dreadnought is generally a very large, heavily armed and armored warship. They are mostly used as defense ships in-game, with most players stacking two or three, maximum, with their planetary defense fleets. They are mostly used for this purpose because they slow down most fleets. Dreadnoughts use photon weapons and can hold 200 Fighters. They are very good when defending a base along with Fighters, Planetary ShieldsPlanetary Rings, and high levels of Command Centers. The ships will be destroyed if there are 30 heavy cruisers attacking a dreadnought, unless they have significant numbers of screening elements.

Production requires 20 shipyards & 1 Orbital Shipyard and initial levels are: Power = 756, Armour = 512, and Shield = 20

However, because of their research requirements their actual numbers are at least: Power = 982, Armour = 1024 and Shield = 32.

Battle Tip: Don't ever use DNs for defense. Stack 6~7 DNs and attack any rainbow base. You will see DNs fuck those Frigates and Fighters like Hot knife cutting through Butter. With a change of tactics, DNs are Super Fucking awesome when used as Offensive Fleet.


Fighter Bomber Heavy Bomber Ion Bomber
Outpost Ship Scout Ship Corvette Recycler
Frigate Ion Frigate Destroyer Cruiser
Carrier Heavy Cruiser Fleet Carrier Battleship
Dreadnought Titan Leviathan
Death Star

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