EAA was first founded in a game Called Dark Throne by 3 people, EVIL STARWOLF, EVIL KAHN, Wolfess Eon, after 2 weeks had 60 members, but as the game died EAA moved on, EAA soon appeared in Cybernations then in Astro Empires, in Alpha Server, then Beta Ceti, Delta and Fenix and . Now stronger than ever EAA has had many members over the years.


The Evil Axis Alliance, or EAA, was one of the first "megaguilds" of the Alpha Universe. At the height of its success, EAA was a top-ten guild with well over 200 members. It's founding guildmaster was Evil Starwolf. On November 29,the alpha server Bringers Of Chaos or BoC declared war to the guild The Jedi Order ,Sword of the Lord ,Evil Axis Alliance The New Jedi Order and the Slayers .This war came after they search the alpha universe for a worthy adversary.

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