Fighting Whilst Farmed

By Fiddler



For many players across many servers, for small guilds and young accounts, one of the greatest turn-offs is getting farmed permanently. It's mean, it's no fun and it's a drag. I've been on both sides, and can tell you that Most farmers work on the following three (3) rules, or they do not engage in such activities. they are, (in order of importance) Profit, Fun, Ease. A skilled and experienced player will have no trouble to repell, or even profit off of a farmer.


you've heard that a big guild is moving into your area to farm you. Your smaller guild is about to be invaded and you can't fight off the superior firepower the enemy is employing. What do you do in the days/weeks before the farming commences?

1: base preparation.

A well-defended base is a base that is not going to be farmed. Best to do is to get the best turret you can, build it twice, and rush for the next defensive structure, research wise. EG: build 10/10 photon, disband all other defences. rush Disruptor research, build 10/10 disruptor. As soon as you get disruptor, try and build defences that are superior to those of the people around you. If a farmer comes and sees your base with 15/15 disruptors, and the guy next to you has 1 plasma turret, he will probably be less-inclined to hit you. Build fleets so as to keep your Trade routes safe. 1k fighters will do it (with a battleship after level 30) until you get P-rings, at which point it is best to remove the fighters and replace them with a Dreadnought. Also, build 1-2 research labs (2 is better) on every base you own. then, build 5CCs on every base you own. use for both of these will be explained later.

2: Account preparation.

A safe account is one with a good mobile, good tech, defended bases and great intel. Fleet-wise, mass fighters on to the location of your mobile if you intend for it to stay on a fortress during the event (not recommended). build HCs, RCs, and Corvettes. keep your cash low, don't go LD with your TRs if you can help it, and keep your scanners peeled.

3: Right before an attack.

You see him comming at your base. What do you do?

1: remove all your mobile. 2: put expensive research in those level 1-4 research labs you have as a cheap bank. 3: Que fighters/bombers with the following in mind: amount of debris that will be created (battlecalc), amount of RCs (so you know the time it will take him) and fleet he has gaurding his RCs. build them so they pop out before a tick and kill off enough RCs that you have enough time for 100-500 fighters to spawn while he is still collecting debris. (fast producing these is a good idea as they will appear quicker, and will drain the cash you have, two good things.) 4: Cancel TRs as late as possible. better to do it after the last tick of income before he attacks or before you go offline. 5: once he is done attacking, and you don't have enough figs to kill off his RCs, etc. it is a good idea to use a couple hundred speedy corvettes to let them crash into the enemy fleets.

4: when occupied.

Ok, he's occed you. he has a big fleet, and he's pillaging you. what to do. 1: build fighters/bombers in groups of 50/25 (respectively) at day, so you are always on when they spawn, and at night build enough so that they finish when you wake up and log in again. make the numbers random (25 once, 30 next, 26 next, etc..) so he can't guess when you're spawning. once you clear a base, move in RCs and pick up as much of the derbs as you can. move them Away a tick or two after you collected, and make sure the occupier has no fleet in the nearby area.

another thing that's fun to do is the HC/fig spawn trap. send in HCs to your base when you know he is online. build fighters so that they finish production about 1-2 minutes before your fleet arrives. he sees your HCs comming, moves his Fighters away, and leaves Destroyers/figs/HBs, ready to kill your HCs upon arrival. once the figs spawn, kill his fleet on base, and recall HCs if the enemy fleet onbase is still alive. if not, move it against the figs/RCs he has sitting nearby, if not to kill them then to chase them away.


anyway, that was a short, rough-draft version. I hope it helps.

remember the 3 principles of the attacker, to keep your credits low

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