The Forum Administrators are Xaman, Wizard and Kn0xx. They play an important role in keeping both the game and the forums alive.


Xaman Avatar

Xaman's Avatar

The most active Admin of them all, Xaman posts in nearly all forums, but mostly in feedback, where 12% of his posts come from[1]. He has even admitted to reading Trash Talk.[2]

Xaman was involved in a feud with some people from Beta Politics and War. Xaman's side of the story was he was clamping down on cheaters in the game,[3] however many people did not believe him as most of the people came from the same side in a war, and subsequently created an unofficial Astro Empires forum.

Xaman has hinted at the possibility he is Al Gore.


Wizard Avatar

Wizard's Avatar

Wizard is the coder behind the game. He made the game and makes it better, posting his updates in the Dev Log. Wizard is well known for his extremely slow updates, it is often a month before he adds a new feature, compared to other games that get updates every few days.

There has huge public speculation and suspicion that Wizard isn't actually a wizard. Though he has been seen dating Hermione Granger.


Kn0xx Avatar

Kn0xx's Avatar

Kn0xx is the most mysterious of the 3 admins. He does not seem to update the game, and has on a few occasions stopped posting on the forums for a few months.

What we do know though, is Kn0xx designed the skin of the forums.

There is strong evidence pointing to the possibility that Kn0xx is a shapeshifter. His knowledge of skins is one such peice of evidence. Also he is never seen, mainly because no-one knows it's him when they look.


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