Filled from the ranks of Something Awful, the GOONion are a culmination of numerous players and guilds spanning numerous servers. The GOONion are often associated with cheating and exploiting, which is inaccurate. Most of AE holds a dim view of GOONs as a result of their awesomeness, disrespect, and general disregard for other players. Despite these views they are widely regarded as the funniest guild on the server, which some believe may be the root of all the hatred. Probably it's mostly because the Goonion prevented the Alpha simmers from coming over onto Beta and creating Alpha 2.0. Not getting twice their amount of e-spartard allotment, Beta folks have forever hated the Goons.

The Goonion code of laws:

The Goonion has your balls and is not going to give them back.

The Goonion eats your shit and shits it back out twice as shitty.

Its not that we don't like you, we just don't care.

F5F5; Let no poopsocker prevail.

The GOONion (not GOONian) is full of some of the most epic players to ever grace the interwebs. It is a guild of pure cereal business, hell bent on defeating all the interwebs Espartans, as well as anyone who takes the game more seriously than the GOONion it self.

TSS is the best guild within the GOONion and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Why can't you find TSS? That's a secret. A -TERRIBLE- secret.

Goons kick the tires and light the fires.

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