Ok so your in a recall trap... Well what is a recall trap? Well its this simple..

You move your mobile fleet to another base. A guild or person your at war with, has a fleet at the target your going to. And the base you just came from also has a another guild or player with larger fleet is occupying base, well what do you do?

What to doEdit

  • Send 10 scouts to a gate or a location close to your inbound fleet....
  • Send 1 scout by pressing enter and backspace towards the fleet so it lands AT THE SAME SECOND.
  • Do this nine times so the fleet arrivals, plus scout, followed by nine more at 1 second interval.
  • As long as there is no gaps..... and you got a good/fast internet server, you will have 10 second to move as no fleet can be destroyed as fleet is in-bounding to it....

So this isn't totally complete but it will help you all!

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