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Cox, Olde Delaware


Olde Delaware

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Black Speech

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October 12th 2008


Haradrim, (guild=5008)[«ϡ»], is one of the stronger of the Mordor Family guilds, and is known to most members of Alpha
server as TPFS. Haradrim members have fought in many conflicts, and prides themselves on being
some of the most experienced players on the alpha server.

The name Haradrim comes from the Tolkien series Lord of The Rings, and, since Tolkien's Haradrim is
in fact evil, the guild's roleplay incorporates this.

Haradrim was part of and the second biggest guild in the Mordor_family.

Founding StatementEdit

Founding Statements to AEEdit

AE Link:[ Creation and Pact; A Letter from Harad]

"The horns and war Mûmakil roar! The Men of Harad unite as one and
seek Gondorian and Hobbit blood. A renewed Pact between Harad and
Orc is announced here to bring a new member into the Family of MORDOR."
On this day October 10th of the Fourth Age
"Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity!" -Gandalf
The words of an enemy Wizard echo the feelings of many slayed Penguins on the battlefield.
I am standing in this field to pick up the wounded and help usher a rebirth.

The Haradrim Era: Forum post of supportEdit

With the fall of a family member of MORDOR (TPFS) we must fill this void. Cox officially
announces Haradrim will fill this void. The goal is to grow as a support to the MORDOR Family
as the guild, TPFS, was officially intended to be. This will take time and effort but we hope
with the support of our close allies that this will come true. Members that fled in panic are
welcome to come back. We will do our best to setup a capable leadership to lead Haradrim to a
better future. Until the membership and command structure has been stabilized, Balrog Guards
will be in rotation to help train the new Horde.

Leaders will Lead; Members will follow. No member will be given up to the wolves to save the
group. We are one team that will stand up to anything and everything together.

Early DaysEdit

In the early days, Haradrim was growing. Eventually, Haradrim grew twice in size and rose up in the ranks. With Cox's leadership, it really turned Haradrim into a powerful guild on the Alpha Server. The guild was rapidly growing in size. In the month of December of 2008, NPO and Mordor had a war. There isn't much details I know about, but i know that Mordor had sent NPO home with some major injuries, and their buddies CoRM, now known as [~WG~] came into play with NPO. They assembled their massive armies, with the help of guilds such as [*EeY*], [AzTEC], and [5C]. Many other guilds were also involved. Haradrim had no choice but to merge in with their Family Guild, Mordor, and defend these foes. There was a Server War, which came to be known as Server War 4. In the end, there was a peace because of [13th] had joined the war. Now, with the war ending, Cox had officially remade Haradrim. Haradrim now is gaining their members back from Mordor, and [<ABD>], the sub guild of Mordor. Today the guild is growing little by little. Haradrim is hoping to get back into their place in the top 10. Will they succeed?

Stability and GrowthEdit

Acceptance and Contributions of late 08Edit

Haradrim in late 2008 fought many small battles within the new galaxies with new players. Also
members were trained in different Mordor tactics and battlegroup styles. When the conflict with
Exodus appeared all of Haradrim went to Mordor or ABD for the war. Many Harad Mumak died in the
serves of the Dark Lord.

Temporary DissolutionEdit

On January 1st 2009, The Pirate King, Cox, ordered Haradrim in full dissolution during the war
with Exodus. This was done in private and swifting. Following the war with Exodus, Haradrim was
Announced as as back with a new, stronger, setup.

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