HawkeElune is the AstroEmpires screenname and alter-ego of Cornelius McMacmacman, a dangerously mal-adjusted fugitive from justice who is wanted on several counts of Lewd and Lascivious Behavior in the Presence of the Elderly. Hawke escaped while being transported by federal officers somewhere outside of King of Prussia, PA, and has since eluded all pursuit. He is currently serving as Aal Sech (Head of the Dukhat Training Academy) for the Minbari Federation.

Early YearsEdit

Cornelius was born on a small farm outside Intercourse, PA to Henrietta and Malachy McMacmacman. Henrietta worked as a pajama model while Malachy used the farm to grow grains to keep his bootleg distillery running. Cornelius was frequently given a sippy-cup of moonshine and left to his own devices while Malachy was distilling, so he began to venture farther and farther into Amish territory. Time and again, he was unable to overcome the ragged spearfront of the Amish phalanx and was forced to return home.

On Cornelius' 12th birthday, tragedy struck. Malachy was out hunting rabbits, and his prey ran deeper and deeper into Amish territory. Malachy failed to realize just how deep into their territory he was getting, and he was killed by the Amish skirmisher line before he even realized he was approaching one of their formations. Thereafter, Cornelius swore that the Amish war machine would be stopped, and he dedicated his life to fulfilling that goal.

Education and TrainingEdit

While attending Phillips Exeter Academy on a full scholarship for juggling, Cornelius met a man named Gunter Tagenfarmen who would change the course of his life. A German expatriate and veteran of the Amish Wars who was employed as a groundsman for the academy, Gunter took young Cornelius under his wing after hearing the boy's story. Though disabled after losing a buttock in battle just outside of Holmes county, Ohio, Gunter was well versed in the strategy and tactics employed by the Amish military. After graduating, Cornelius was insistent on dedicating himself to combating the Amish threat immediately, turning down a home economics scholarship to the prestigious University of Phoenix Online in favor of waging his personal war. Gunter offered his home as a base of operations, and Cornelius set about gathering his team. In the interests of operational security, Cornelius adopted the codename "HawkeElune", which means "One with a beakish nose who plays too much World of Warcraft".

The first and perhaps most influential addition to Hawke's team was one Isaac Goldstein, a former Mossad agent and master of the legendary Hebrew martial art of Jew Do. He agreed to train Hawke in return for cooking lessons, and the enthusiastic youngster quickly impressed. The sheer amount of beating Hawke took during training would have killed most men, but Hawke's fiery vendetta against the Amish lent him toughness unheard of from mortal men. While he never did get the hang of Jew Do, Hawke did develop his staggering resilience as a result of the training. When it became apparent that Hawke's only aptitude for hand to hand combat manifested in his uncanny ability to block enemy blows with his face, Gunter took over his training and instructed him on the construction, field maintenance, and use of potato guns. They soon became a weapon inextricably linked to the name Cornelius McMacmacman.

The Amish Resistance MovementEdit

His training complete, HawkeElune formed an organization known as the Amish Resistance Movement, or ARM, dedicated to resisting Amish movement. In the early days, they were strictly small-time; they raided Amish occupations in Lancaster county and sabotaged Amish wagons wherever they were found. The strain on the Amish military's logistics was quickly felt, but with no real pressure on them the ARM's successes were hollow.

It wasn't until Hawke met with Faolchú AmberEyes, an Afghani/Irish werewolf, and Raist, a drug-addled participant of the CIA's MK Ultra program, that the ARM began to find real success. The three of the quickly formed a bond and became a devastatingly effective fighting force. Hawke's ability to take punishment worked well with Faolchú's natural werewolf toughness. Raist, while not apparently as tough as his squadmates, was critically brain damaged in the areas of the brain that register pain. The three of them broke the spirit of the Amish military time and time again, as their ancient Amish combat techniques failed to affect a single member of the unit. The Amish surrendered unconditionally, agreeing to live out their lives in peaceful isolation, never to wage war again.

Life After WarEdit

After the fall of the Amish, Hawke remained close to Faolchú and Raist, which almost proved to be his undoing. Raist's exposure to CIA drug tampering had changed his body chemistry, causing his body to manufacture its own hallucinogens which were voided from his system via sweating. Evaporation caused the hallucinogen to go airborne, and Hawke soon became hopelessly addicted. He descended progressively deeper into a drug-induced haze, thinking only of singing fig trees encircled by dancing hippopotami. Raist became increasingly annoyed as Hawke become more insistent on getting a fix. The final straw came when Hawke resorted to licking a sleeping Raist to get high. Hawke underestimated the potency of such a direct dose and suffered a major psychotic break. He was next seen wandering naked through a golf course in Trenton, NJ, with a broken bedpost handcuffed to his wrist. After chasing several aged patrons of the establishment, the police were called and Hawke was taken into custody.

Raist felt partly responsible for Hawke and Faolchú liked to use him for sex, so they both agreed that busting Hawke out was the only reasonable course of action. Raist burned through the side of the transport truck with his deadly eye beams and Faolchú retrieved the gibbering Hawke. Though the trio have been sighted by authorities on several occasions, all attempts to capture them have proven fruitless.

Hawke mostly recovered, but found that he had a hole in his life that he couldn't seem to fill. After living so long for revenge, he felt empty now that he had nothing to work for. He had filled the hole with drugs, but now that he was clean, he suffered from an intense discontent. Eventually, he found AstroEmpires and the Minbari Federation, to which he swore to devote his life. It seemed he was unhappy unless he devoted his life to something, so he decided that was just as good as anything else, and perhaps less likely to get him in trouble. Eventually, he convinced Faolchú to join him, and the two fight together to this day.

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