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Hegemony is a strong ceti guild. Consisting of less than 30 members they are still able to maintain solid ranks and solid per player stats.

Part of HGMNY success is their stronghold like style of play. A large portion HGMNY bases are located in two galaxies with very few bases outside their power base.

History Edit

Hegemony was started at the begining of the Ceti server. Vectorian Empire started the guild with Buffalow Dung as Second in Command.

Purpose and Goal of Hegemony was to be a very aggressive guild which would have the following goals:

1. All members standing together at all times. When one was attacked, all members would come together and attack back.

2. Defense of Guild by keeping members in same galaxies. Building & Researching the Highest Base Defenses possible.

3. Limit treaties to a bare minimum or have none at all.

4. Attack and Farm who Hegemony wanted in our home galaxies with the ultimate goal to have dominance in our home galaxies.

After fighting off random attacks on our bases to farm Hegemony Bases they succeded to keep their bases free.

Hegemony fought some major skirmishes Hegemony held their own and were not defeated and gain respect. Since then Hegemony, has fought off all invasions by other guilds that Hegemony has had conflicts and wars.

Hegemony is known for being a tight, close knit fighting guild and is respected by all guilds who fought against them.

Wars Edit

Notable PlayersEdit


Guild Leader of the Hegemony. Solid player with a thing for Levis... maybe overcompensating for something. Raka always displays a solid diplomatic and strategic mind and does everything in his power to keep Hegemony as strong as ever.

Buffalow DungEdit

His ratios normally go along with his name. This old fool still can't find his list. He is however the leading component in the Anti-Smurf movement and often can be heard cursing the "Blue Bastards".

He is by the best member of the guild. He will start a war a the drop of the hat and has. Which lead to him stepping down as the GM because of his rash act against the SET guild. However he redeemed himself later and and was the BEAR Hunter of Hegemony, killing many BEAR scoutships during Hegemony war against the BEAR.

He later became the HERO of Hegemony for actions against the LUX invasion of C01.

He is now the HEGEMON of Hegemony due to his superior skills, blunt but diplomatic style kind of conversation with in the guild.

Remember the last word when reading a Dung message is Dung.

An insult from Dung is a compliment in his eyes, the more hated you are to him, the more you should be grateful. Penguin


What he lacks in guild conversation, he more than makes up for in fighters. Soon will be the day that we will see him fighter drop a Deathstar for a one-shot kill. Highly respected by the guild, he is a fierce competitor and personifies the spirit of Hegemony.


Probably the greatest strategic mind to ever play Astro Empires, Rushis can quickly and efficiently tear apart any fleet or base for the best ratios and the biggest profit. Besides Raka, everyone in the Hegemony looks to Rushis for the battle plan.


Solid member of the C38 crew, Tanker is always ready for action and gives 110% in wars. He has also been know to show his worth by handling his capital ships like a pro.


Trebor reluctantly took the post of Diplomat for the Hegemony, however he has filled the roll like no other. His diplomatic skills are unequaled, but just because he is a diplomat does not mean he is a tree hugger. With strategic skills almost on pair with Rushis, he could open a can of whup a** on you in a hurry.


The Anti-Dung. Nobody else knows quite how to earn his marks on Dung's list!


Hegemony is widely known a war mongering Guild and is known to hit any target which shows any sign of making a profit. Hegemony has tended to be largely neutral while making friends with other guilds while waging war with them.

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