Faithful readers, welcome to another edition of Mandalorian asks... Even if it had been stated that our guest today would be Stephan74, due to some implant malfunction it has been postponed. Or was it III intervention? I would also like to add that once the guild leaders at war had been interviewed, I will continue with others. But keep in mind that these are P&W threads, I don't think interviewing an sim-city GM would have much point. I would also like to thank the players who have expressed their support on the forum and in game. It really encourages me to continue. Now without further delay today's interview...

Mandalorian: Nekrûsh Doomhammer, welcome to Mandalorian asks…

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Thanks for having me.

Mandalorian: My pleasure, The Hordes are now involved in a conflict with numerous guilds, would you say things are looking good for you?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Not right now, those guilds really planned ahead this time, so props to that!

Mandalorian: In you words, how did all this start?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: I got bored one night, then started talking to someone who shall remain unnamed. We were talking about LUE’s declarations, he dared me to beat them at it, so I did

Mandalorian: So you admit to being the aggressors, or shall we say instigators of this conflict?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Yes, we’ve been the aggressors in all the conflicts we’ve been in.

Mandalorian: Your honesty honours you, but this time the bone you chose to pick was stronger than expected.

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: That’s fine, my my boys love a good fight, and this is as good as it gets.

Mandalorian: Are you still confident to come out victorious or are you going to be suing for a negotiated peace?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: I’m confident we’ll come out on top.

Mandalorian: [รς] Shek vs. [BOB] DARK HELMET... losses: 0 / 10015 [รς] Shek vs. [BOB] DARK HELMET... losses: 0 / 7420. Care to comment ?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer They’ve been pillaging trade routes with other guilds, so some of their members are being targeted. I’m sure this will be their undoing.

Mandalorian: What’s you opinion on trade pillage?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: I’ll pillage routes, but always offer the route back to the other end, an even better route, that keeps me out of trouble.

Mandalorian: Do you think creating BOB was a good move on their part?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: yes it was, it was an excellent move.

Mandalorian: Did it lead to a change in strategy on your part?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Well, it definitely kept them more organized, they send in fleets 24/7, and there’s simply no way for any of us to stay online 24/7.They also did their homework with the scouting.

Mandalorian: Care to speculate on the outcome?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer They’re doing relatively well so far, But I’m sure we'll come out on top. We will begin attacking very soon.

Mandalorian: Should the tides change against you, would hordes call in back up?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Well, we've already been adding people into the guild

Mandalorian: Kind of risky don't you think?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: everyone in the guild that's labelled Hordes isn't part of us. Risky, yes, but taking risks is what we're all about. Plus, many don't like BOB right now because of their routes policy, I would be stupid to not take advantage of that.

Mandalorian: You have, the guild and your self been, called a lot of things on the forum, liar and so forth, do you feel these accusations are justified?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: When it comes to AE politics, i never lie and have no need to lie. To my knowledge, none of my members have done so either, the ones that are still around at least.

Mandalorian: The current situation, is it related the the mass declaration you , Hordes, issued a while back?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Yes it is, and these guys aren't afraid to lose fleet, that's for sure.

Mandalorian: So your mass declaration, a joke or not?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: It started as a joke, but everyone seemed to want to do it, so in the end we just did it, we're still at war with SEAL right now I think.

Mandalorian: I hope not for your sake… Do you feel any loyalty toward Mordor?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Of course I do. We may have our disagreements, but in the end, orcs always stick together.

Mandalorian: Well said, you killed my next question.

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: What was it?

Mandalorian: That the feeling wasn’t mutual.

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Well, as Paestero said, Morgoth has a soft spot for those who fight in his name.

Mandalorian: You read it?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Of course, i'm a big fan.

Mandalorian: Thanks, so Hordes will fight to the end, whatever the end might be?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Let’s just say we will fight until we win.

Mandalorian: Moving on, any comments on the big guild war?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: To be honest, i haven’t been paying much attention to it,with enemy fleet inbound every 15 minutes, theres no time.

Mandalorian: I can imagine, any plans for expansion once your conflict is over?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: We’ll just sit around until the next set of guilds decide to attack us,if no one does, we'll probably just declare war on someone again. And we usually only accept players that fit our requirements.

Mandalorian: which are?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: Local, excellent fighters, active,and ofcourse, they must worship me.I only take the best

Mandalorian: Of course, thank you for your time Nekrûsh Doomhammer, good luck in your war.

Nekrûsh Doomhammer: No problem, if anyone has any questions, just message Felis he's responsible for everything.

Mandalorian: I thought you were?

Nekrûsh Doomhammer:I am, but we just blame him for everything. Oh, good luck to OOBL, who apparently are in the big war you talked about.

Mandalorian: They are, with a lot of other people.

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