Once again, dear readers, we get a look into one of the warring guilds. Trinity speaks through the words of their leader, No Stress.

Having the coordinates locked into the computer, my fleet jumps into hyper-space. Contrary to BORG, Trinity accepted for me to have an escort, which, I must say, made me feel a little better. The Captain of the Indomitable informs me trough the internal comm :" Arrival imminent, Sir." I join him on the bridge as the fleet returns to sub-light speed. The view screen dispays a few Leviathans with escort waiting for us. " Incoming transmission." informs one of the bridge officers. "On screen." orders the captain. The view changes to show a middle aged man wearing what appears to be a plated armour.

-Greetings, General Mandalorian, I am Shürel, Royal Marshal and commander of this fleet, I have the honour of escorting you to your meeting. If you have any questions feel free to ask. -Thank you, Marshal, we will follow you in.

As my fleet progresses further in to the system, more and more ship join the escort. "Tactical analysis" I ask out of curisosity. "5 Leviathans, 20 Titans, 125 Dreadnoughts, 700 Heavy-Cruisers..." "That will be enough, thank you lieutenant." I said, feeling slightly uneasy.

As my fleet settles in to orbit, and the Trinity fleet takes up defensive positions, I make my way to the hangar bay. Strapping in to the fighter, a guard offers me my EE-3 carabine rifle.

- That will not be necessary soldier. - But Sir... - Your concern is noted, stand down. - Yes, Sir!

Launching with my escort, I make my way to the surface following the beacon. Before leaving the fighter, I contact my fleet informing them that if anything happens to me, they are to return to SEALS space at maximum speed. I disembark to find an Honour guard waiting for me and No Stress, standing in the middle, smiling.

- General Mandalorian, he greets me, welcome to my home world. - It's a pleasure to be here. - If you would follow me.

Walking behind him I analyse the guards flanking us, the sensor in my t-shaped visor do come in handy some times, gettings to look without showing it. The guards are wearing plated armour, halberd in their hands, sword at their sides. They seem to be of another time, but the presence of energy weapons is clear.

I am lead to a plush office where the interview is to take place.

Mandalorian: No Stress, Leader of Trinity, Welcome to Mandalorian asks...

No Stress: Thanks, nice to be here. I’ m looking forward to this interview, the others you made were quite interesting.

Mandalorian: Thank you, Trinity was formed for this war is that correct?

No Stress: No not exactly, we formed Trinity back during the big war vs. CLS and TGTF. Broke up again into our respective guilds. We joined together for the Christmas season, but as it went, we stayed together due to the BORG thing. Most didn't believe us, it was quite funny to read, but our intent with forming trinity was to come together again and meet in the same guild again.

Mandalorian: The record shows you declared on Borg... because they declared on the NPO coalition?

No Stress: Yes we found it a bit unfair for our friends in NPO since they were already fighting RL and 13th at the time, and there was the thing about BORG's constant harassment on the forum with them asking who to attack next.

Mandalorian: Did the fact that Mordor and CMD leave the war come as a relief?

No Stress: Unexpected is perhaps the best word for it. I would have imagined them sticking together

Mandalorian: So would you say things are looking up for III?

No Stress: When the war started and OOBL+CMD joined, things looked well for BORG. At the moment things look well for III

Mandalorian: It has been going on for a while, think it will come to and end soon?

No Stress: Well both sides still have some fight left in them. I know we have some ideas for possible endings, we got some "milestones" that would be interesting to reach. The precise details are of course classified

Mandalorian: Of course, were you, personally part of the battle at the Hall of Chosen?

No Stress: Yes, I was there. I got some good kills there

Mandalorian: What was the debris pile like?

No Stress: In all honestly i don’t remember. Probably around 400-500 million. When the battle was over, I was in serious need of some time away from the computer

Mandalorian: You score some good hits there?

No Stress: Yes, I believe it was around 6 million losses 13 million kills. I started out with a good plan, but, when the enemy started to arrive everything just went all crazy, people hitting all of the time. Most of the times I clicked on a fleet to attack it said that the target was no longer there. which meant someone else had already hit it

Mandalorian: That's not too bad.

No Stress: The reward for patience I would say

Mandalorian: How are thing on the inside, I mean III is three guilds, three leaders, ant conflicts?

No Stress: Small conflicts are present in all guilds; I don’t really think we have more than others. All members realise that we need to work together to achieve anything

Mandalorian: How are thing going coordinating with your allies

No Stress: Going well I would say. NPO was ready the moment we needed them to catch BORG, Coordination with CoRM is evident in the HoC battle

Mandalorian: LUE leadership, as well as Shield stated that there would be no separate peace, does the same go for III?

No Stress: We would not leave allies behind, exit from war would be discussed with our allies first

Mandalorian: Why did trinity not accept the Borg peace offer after the HoC battle?

No Stress: There were several reasons. However, that is not something I wish to elaborate on

Mandalorian: No problem, will III come out victorious?

No Stress: ,Personally i hope so. at the moment it looks likely, but lets not forget that BORG have fought many wars and won just about all of them. They know how to handle themselves in a war.

Mandalorian: So you have respect for your enemies?

No Stress: Not just respect. We have fought together with BORG on more than one occasion, and many of their members are former guild mates. We know that they are good fighters

Mandalorian: So this war is not personal, it's strategic?

No Stress: I will not deny that some bad blood exists between some members on either side. But this is not a war between 2 guilds that hates each other. BORG and III were both contenders to the number one position and it came to blows. After this war, I hope that many of us will go back to being friends

Mandalorian: Stefan74 stated that III's objective was to cripple Borg fighting capabilities, care to comment?

No Stress: Its hard to permanently cripple someone’s fighting ability in Astro Empires. But securing ourselves is an objective.

Mandalorian: Will III remain united once the war is over?

No Stress: We will most likely go back to our old guilds, EeY members to ours and AoE to their guild. but of course strengthened by the bonds we have formed together

Mandalorian: Now that the Borg coalition has paid a visit to your JG, will you return the favour

No Stress: We already did visit them, after HoC they headed back to A03 and then onwards to A09. Actually while this interview is taking place my leviathans are stationed above Borg's A09 gate waiting for their fleets to return from the recall NPO forced upon them. The magnitude of the battles are not comparable. i think it was about 6 million debris created on each of their high level jumpgates.

Mandalorian: Well having CoRM on your side does help... what about your other allies, are they working well with you?

No Stress: They help out, one thing is for sure, i no longer get heart attacks when i log in and see 20+ messages. Its not battle reports its Intel from our allies

Mandalorian: Does III have protectorates?

No Stress: No, although from time to time we have helped smaller guilds by protecting them temporarily

Mandalorian: There seems to be a lot of JG stacking, does that reflect the direction wars are going to be fought?

No Stress: Unfortunately yes it seems so. With travel times being reduced by the high level gates. its becoming dangerous to leave fleet in small groupings. But personally I would really like to see more action and less grouping into large fleets.

Mandalorian: Does III pay attention to the other conflicts on alpha?

No Stress: I cannot say that I read up on every conflict, but yes I think we could be considered well informed

Mandalorian: Care to comment on the hordes conflict

No Stress: Hordes declared war on every guild under a certain level right?

Mandalorian: Yes, and they are getting more than they bargained for

No Stress: Well, last time I saw Hordes in action they seemed very capable. Perhaps it will be a learning experience

Mandalorian: How about RAGEX vs SdS?

No Stress: Now that was a fun and different war. I saw it was speculated that were hired SdS to keep RAGEX from coming to help BORG.

Mandalorian: Is it true?

No Stress: No. It’s true that I knew that SdS would be declaring on Ragex as soon as they had gathered their fleets. But it was in no way suggested by me that they declare. Personally, I think it was a great idea.

Mandalorian: Hypothetically speaking, if a guild were to employ mercenaries... what would you say?

No Stress: Mercenaries is a part of life. When OOBL joined some OO players joined OOBL presumable just for the war. Same is probably true for guilds on both sides

No Stress: I would think it wrong if two guilds went to war and then one guild quadrupled in size due to mercenaries

Mandalorian: There has been much "talk" on the forum about trade pillage, does III have a policy for that?

No Stress: Yes, we try not to hit the trade routes of people not involved in this conflict. That being said, sometimes people get carried away. I lost a route between my self and 13th to a CMD player and well. Perhaps I misclicked once or twice.

Mandalorian: No Stress, thank you for your time, good luck in your war effort.

No Stress: And thank you for these interviews. I'm sure all will appreciate the insight into the people you have interviewed so far.

Mandalorian : You're welcome

There you are faithful readers, more interviews are to come stay tuned, don't worry I'll keep them coming

OOC: I was really inspired by this one, take a look at QK's home page it's worth it, even if it isn't up to date.

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