Mandalorian: Paestero, leader of MORDOR thank you for receiving me.

Paestero: Hello

Mandalorian: You have taken over after Gothmog left, how do you like being GM?

Paestero: Good, been doing it mostly already during Gothmog's reign.. since I was alot more active

Mandalorian: Mordor is no longer involved in the current war was that something you needed to do or did you just feel in was no longer necessary?

Paestero: Well you have to remember we were fighting CoRM close to 5 months.. that took a great toll on Mordor members and leader. Especially since there was only few week between ending of Fellowship vs Mordor, and this new war.

Mandalorian: How did Mordor do during those conflicts?

Paestero: During fellowship war we did amazing. We were greatly outnumbered but managed to stand our ground. The CoRM war went up and down, we started of good, but later on the war stagnated.. and we failed to make any good hits, while CoRM was able to do that.

Mandalorian: Would you specify the difference between war and hobbit search for our readers?

Paestero: hehehe, well a hobbit search is really an unofficial war... meaning we don't push orcs to fight hard or anything. Just point in that direction for killing

Mandalorian: regardless of the... enemy or adversary?

Paestero: Well hobbit searches are also our way of KOS'ing a guild, there two version really... the hobbit searches we do for pure profit, and those for killing.

Mandalorian: It would seem BORG is receiving outside help at the moment, care to comment?

Paestero: No Mordor members are fighting in BORG ranks to my knowledge.

Mandalorian: It would seem the fighting is down in the big guild war, do you feel they are all sitting at JGs and staring at each other?

Paestero: Wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be like that... our war with CoRM went there quite quickly.

Mandalorian: During the Battle at the Hall of Chosen millions were lost, did Mordor ever face such losses?

Paestero: Never in a single battle, we did loose 50M in few days when III entered Mordor vs NPO+Odd war

Mandalorian: How would you say this war is going to end?

Paestero: Either with a very big bang, or like a night candle... JG staring wars are very boring for members and stressful for leaders.

Mandalorian: A Roman emperor said:" They can love me, they can hate me, as long as they fear me" would that summarize Mordor's attitude?

Paestero: I think our guild image says enough.

Mandalorian: Yet you took side with BORG...

Paestero: Yes, it was an shot at damaging III's dominance on the server. As Mordor felt III was interfering much with most our wars, it would be in our benefit to join forces to lessen their power.

Mandalorian: So you saw trinity as a major power, is that still the case?

Paestero: Their massive fleets took quite a beating, as did ours... but they still a major power in alpha universe of course.

Mandalorian: Hordes, with their guild symbol and name seem to be close to Mordor, any relation?

Paestero: The Hordes spawned from us (Nekrush was a Mordor General)… but no relations to us anymore,

Mandalorian: As did TPFS, would Mordor intervene in their favour should it be asked?

Paestero: TPFS is a different matter really, they were 'forces' into Mordor.. and are now remade under Mordor protection. But about Horde, they brought it upon themselves... however I'm sure Morgoth has a soft spot for those who fought in his name.

Mandalorian: SdS surrendered to RAGEX after initiating the conflict, offering all debris and even fodder, would mordor accept terms like that?

Paestero: SDS made a sneak attack against RAGEX, I wouldn't accept such terms. You attack Mordor, you bleed.

Mandalorian: Noted... Do you intend to return to the war path once you've bred enough orcs?

Paestero: Peace is a preparation for war as always.

Paul says (15:37): Do you feel the big war brought, or will bring on a power shift in the alphaverse?

Paestero: I think it did really. With CoRM and III having a bloodpact, they are the strongest block at the moment. Before that you had BORG and III, which were more or less balanced. Power shifted to III side for the moment.

Mandalorian: With superior econs, it will be difficult to change that, is a diplomatic move the only option?

Paestero: Perhaps, unless BORG finds a successful way to engage JG gatherings and damage both III and CoRM fleets.

Mandalorian: It would seem they already have, at great expense to them, is that kind of move strategic or suicidal?

Paestero: Well, if you're talking about HoC battle, I was there. And it lacked organization... I think a properly organized attack could succeed…

Mandalorian: Must have been dizzying seeing all those millions explode.

Paestero: I honestly never enjoyed the game as much as I did at that moment, regardless of the outcome.

Mandalorian: Care to comment on war time guilds like III or DCF?

Paestero : Meh… they are best way to go when having allies during war

Mandalorian: I take it Mordor is highly organized, does that facilitate coordination, with players all over the world?

Paestero: highly organized… depends how you look at it really. We're at our third 'type' of internal organization really. The previous two just didn't do well enough during war time.

Mandalorian: Do you personnaly use a battle calculator?

Paestero: Yeah, not all are good though.

Mandalorian: Because of the variables associated with enemy tech?

Paestero: More the actual formula… some are just way off, others a few %

Mandalorian: Does the "one guild stand alone" motto still stand?

Paestero: Yes, even though I think it's clear Mordor has friends. But you'll never see a whole network of guilds linked to Mordor. You have those we like. Those we protect. And those we kill. Paul says (15:53): (Wonder where I fit in to that *gulp*) Do you think there might be more advanced tactics than fighter drops?

Paestero: Depends on the fleet/defense you're facing.

Mandalorian: Do Ion techs really make a difference, in your opinion?

Paestero: I kill orcs who build them, so no. They are too specialized (anti capital) to be useful.

Mandalorian: Hordes are having trouble with the mass of guilds they declared on, care to comment?

Paestero: We are watching... that's all I can say.

Mandalorian: Thank you for your time.

Paestero: You're welcome!

Next time on Mandalorian asks… The Collective speaks! Diplomat and important member of BORG Stephan 74 will be our guest. In coming episodes, we will receive Nekrûsh Doomhammer. I will also attempt to interview the leaders or spokespeople of Trinity and NPO. Stay tuned…

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