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Haradrim Diplomat

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Date of Creation

August 29, 2006


Olde Delaware, formerly known as John McCain has been a member of the AstroEmpires cyberverse for nearly 2 years, recruited by his friend HealthNet who was in TGTF. Olde Delaware joined the DT and remained with that guild through their war with IMP until the breakup of the Dark Templars. Instead of following his other guildmates out to EeY, Olde Delaware joined the IMP. Olde Delaware remained with the IMP and the NPO for nearly 8 months, serving as A14 Deputy Commander and eventually Commander under Viktor before Viktor left for BORG.

2007 started with Olde Delaware joining CLS and becoming a Military Senator, after the retirement of Kardinal, Olde Delaware left and joined King Justin's short-lived Knights of Dark Renown before returning to the NPO for 3 months finally leaving for good in September 2007 for MORDOR. After the MORDOR - CoRM War, Olde Delaware joined 13th for their war against the CLS, which ended in Victory for the 13th. After the war, Olde Delaware rejoined Mordor, serving in the Second Server War and the infamous Aegis "Fleet Exercise" before joining Haradrim as Interim Diplomat, after Cox's appointment to acting GM, Olde Delaware became Diplomat of Haradrim and acting GM during times of family crisis.

As of December 1st, Olde Delaware serves as Haradrim's Military Commander, recalled to Mordor.

Olde Delaware is formerly known as Erwin Rommel and more Recently John McCain

Wars participated Edit

  1. DT vs. IMP
  2. NPO vs. BORG
  3. 1st Alpha Server War
  4. MORDOR vs CoRM
  5. 13th vs CLS
  6. 2nd Alpha Server War
  7. MORDOR vs Small Guilds

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