The strategy known as the 'Jump Gate Blob' is when lots of members of a guild park their mobile fleets on a single base, usually a Jump Gate base.

Big Guild UsageEdit

When the top ten guilds use this, the Jump Gate Blog is extremely powerful. Think of 80 players parking their mobile fleets (about 8 million size on average) on a single base, thats 640 000 000 fleet. This tactic works well with big guilds, as there is always at least one person online, so an enemy cannot just sneak in, target a certain player's fleet and attack, then recycle and retreat. The famous battle Hall of Chosen was fought in an attempt to destroy the Trinity Jump Gate Blob and resulted in a failure.

Small Guild UsageEdit

With small guilds this tactic is fairly unsuccessful. For a start there are bound to be plenty of times in the day with half an hour gaps where no one is online, and even then they may just check their queues and not the jump gate, so a player can easily target a fleet, destroy, recycle and run. Also a Jump Gate Blob for smaller guilds is essentially a massive debris pile, all is needed is an enemy guild quite a bit bigger (say 20 ranks higher in fleet) than the target, good co-ordination and a time where none of the enemy is online.

Example of a 'failure' of this tactic for 'smaller' guilds is the [BOB] alliance JG blob getting attacked and destroyed by several high ranking Mordor. Killing over 45M fleet while only loosing 15M.

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