Leviathan perspective
Product Information
Length11,713 meters
Technical Specifications
ArmamentItem photon
Research Required
Warp Drive18

Basic informationEdit

The Leviathan is very good in confrontations with Bombers, Heavy Bombers, Corvettes, Destroyers, Frigates, Carriers, and Cruisers. It does poorly in confrontations with Heavy Cruisers, Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Ion Bombers, and Death Stars.

Leviathans may be used to good effect with fighters when occupying because their high armour and shield strength is a combination which is difficult to drive away. They are also good at defending mobile fleets as Leviathans provide a 5% armour and the power bonus to your fleet, making it more difficult for an enemy to attack.

Leviathans are among the slowest units within Astro Empires. They can use jump gates but will still lag behind the rest of the fleet when launched separately than other fleets, even if those other fleets were launched at the same time.

Advanced InformationEdit

Fighter Assault PlatformEdit

Certain players include Leviathans in a fighter and/or heavy bomber drop in order to increase the damage and get better ratios. Since Leviathans can carry 4000 fighters each they don't require separate Fleet Carriers or Carriers unless you cannot afford to build enough Leviathans to carry all the fighters you wish to take with you.

Leviathan StackingEdit

The other route is a Leviathan stacker; build as many as possible and include them in your fleet. It is recommended that you produce 50 Leviathans in order to become an "effective" Leviathan stacker; once you reach the goal continue building as many as possible.

The levi stacker (for short) is most effective at shield raping cruiser fleets with small numbers of heavy cruisers and battleships. Small numbers of heavy cruisers can be almost shield raped (possibly only 10-20 damage coming through a leviathan's shields), so it takes a large number to kill all your leviathans if you have a stack. Generally it takes 600-800 heavy cruisers to kill 1 leviathan in one hit, so keep this rule of thumb in mind when planning attacks.

Levi stackers will not find many opportunities for profit beyond a blob crash. In a blob crash however Leviathans can become essential for catching straggler fleets or ill-composed battle fleets. Some opportunities exist for profit outside of blob crashes, usually when mobile fleets are not over their owner's astro, or someone leaves a cruiser fleet over their own base with insufficient command centers to repel you. Such opportunities can make very beautiful ratios but they are rare.


Leviathans are also good for permanent occupations of players or to hold a United Colony base (probably overkill, though). United Colony bases can kill dreadnoughts occasionally with heavy cruiser spawns, but it is unlikely they will kill a Titan and it's impossible for any UC spawn to kill a Leviathan, so you have the security of knowing that your UC base is safe.

Also, since UC technology level is so low, it is possible to shield rape UC heavy cruisers off-base when you achieve shielding level 23 for lots of profit. When UCs disband, and no one has held the base, there will usually be a few dreadnoughts and loads of HC left over. This is a prime target for a levi stacker.

Base AttacksEdit

Many players make the mistake of using leviathans to attack bases when they first get them. Generally, this is not a good idea. Usually, one level of planetary rings will kill one Leviathan, so your ratios when attacking bases will be very bad unless your opponent has a lot of fleets that can be shield-raped. Or they do not have planetary rings yet.

Leviathans can be used with unshielded units to attack a base with multiple planetary rings, but your profit margin will be much lower than using a standard cruiser or heavy cruiser attack fleet. Leviathans should only be used for base attacks if you're an experienced player.

  • (x) in Shipyard indicates the number of Orbital Shipyards required.
  • due to the tech level needed to construct these units their stats are more closely Power:16000, Armor:15840, and Shield:72.

Stats not listed are not affected by the minimum tech level needed to construct the ships.





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