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October 2007


Description Edit

Lord ted is a long term member of R.I.P without any thoughts to leave it anytime soon. Lord ted is a simple kid surrounded, in the oldest server, by the oldest players in the game. Which is always a good thing for Lord Ted dreams of being a Guild leader someday of a top 10 guild. Lord Ted though hasn't been playing half as long as others so his dreams of course are on the back burner as he learns diplomatic ideals, and server politics by some of the best in the game. Lord Ted though isn't raw talent as others may be, his started to play in october of 07 before long he found himself in top guilds fighting in wars that were over his head.

Start Edit

His start in computer games was Astroempires he started out a private in the NSU. Not long after NSU got into a war with METAL, with the war taking heavy damage on NSU, METAL asked for a video of someone playing a guitar. Lord Ted playing as Tiger Warrior at the time decided it was a good plan and went with it. Not long after he got a upgrade for his work got promoted and gained the respect of everyone involved. Later on he declared war on a small guild three times his size called DD. [1]

Of course the times kept coming and it wasnt all good. Tiger had to do some diplomatic things, [2]

End of NSU Days Edit

Lord Ted "Tiger Warrior" was having a hard time after that the guild got boring not only that his mentor left the game leaving him without his best friend and without any idea what he wanted to do. So with only three members in NSU he left it and joined TSE, he met a great deal of people in the guild and found his lvoe for the games politics and dynamics.

End of TSE Edit

Lord Ted never really liked the guild all that much. He found it boring without much anything to do, he didn't even fully understand the game all that much. So he left TSE in search of a guild, until then he announced his making of a new guild. The guild he made didnt last very long because a older member of the AE world decided to invite him to a more elite guild with just 6 members the guild made a good amount of fleet and Lord Ted liked that. He even asked a ranked 1 guy that goes by scortwych, (which shortly later became his AE hero)

Being kicked Edit

Lord Ted found people hated him and a merge that went wrong was blamed on him so he was kicked and the GM of the guild told hima good place to go was LUE, RL, 13th or R.I.P. R.I.P at the time wasnt in trinity even though it was already formed. He picked R.I.P where he met some interesting characters. People like masa were in it. Which quickly got him interested and addicted to learning the game. Of course they were all interested in teaching him.

R.I.P Edit

This guild is Lord Ted favorite by far, not just for lol's either he feels in a way he has made possible real life friends in the guild who he could see himself hanging with one day. His early days was filled with lol's that never stopped, masamune and others like neptune and dark zero were fun to hang out with. Then server war started.

Server War Edit

Lord Ted even as a noob found it easy to find server wars. R.I.P joined Trinity shortly after borg declared war on them. A few members of R.I.P werent happy about joining, these people were his friends. Not even a month later trinity thought me and dark zero were spies and had us kicked for a few days and to return to R.I.P until this was fixed. dark zero was outraged and he left out of being pissed. Lord Ted though followed orders and was allowed back in within two days. Lord Ted found himself lost though he only had 1 million fleet as others had 20 million and so on fleet. But that didnt stop him from talking. hen as the war wen close to ending R.I.P was canceled the person who was supposed to hold it left the guild and removed the guild name. This was a turning point of the R.I.P history.

After server War 1 Edit

Lord Ted at that point found no reason to be in R.I.P it seemed to be inactive for long moments of times. So looking around he saw a great player by the name spoon0.5 he found himself in awww, a great player started a good pirate guild. Lord Ted found the idea of being a pirate cool and wanted to give it a chance. So he used a excuse of him teaching him a few things, (which of course happened) and joined MMI a pirate guild, he made great hits left and right but found himself fleet less and needing to build alot. Luckily he found trinity forming again and joined them again.

Server War 2 Edit

Lord Ted grew fleet constantly gaining double what he use to and what he got was titans and more ships in control before the fighting started. He got up to 2 million fleet stored up a very good feat for him. In this war he had 2 titans 1 at home, 1 was away, of course he found targets in his skill area. He killed 600k CLS fleet with his 200 heavies and 1 titan fleet not to mention the fighters. After this Lord Ted focused on attacking others, using the battle calculator as a second hand brain.

Facts Edit

- Plays a lot more then most people in the game, mostly lurking in the alpha P&W to gather information, for hsi future diplomatic position.

- He is 16, so he has no credit card, so him getting a upgrade is extremely rare.

- Has had 4 teachers that boosted him to the tops of guilds in other servers.

- On epsilon server he has lead 1 guild, and been a co leader in 4, he tends to put other people's fleet before him so suicides are always happening in times of battles.

- He has also coordinated 7 blob attacks all of them successful.

- Strong believer of helping new guys get into the game.

- Believes in not hitting people in peace time.

- Loves the cock.

- Has one hell of a messed up buttchin

- Has a tremendously reamed out sphincter.... GOATSE

- Was knocked down 3000+ eco points in 1 day by DR. Tran.

-Likes to "BAWWW" when people shoot his scouts.

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