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Paestero of Mordor, Critor of Cryon, Icea Geddan of RUE, Cox of Haradrim

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12 Jul, 2008


Mordor family is a group of guilds who's leaders and most of their members are or were member of Mordor. After their old guilds reformed, they remain loyal to Mordor and the friends they made in Mordor. With some of the strongest and most elite warriors, the Mordor family is not one to mess with. Loyalty of the members of the family is won by hard work, fighting together and friendship, not by fear or threats.

First stepsEdit

After almost 2 years, several guilds that were once merged into Mordor were reformed. Many of these guilds, loved their time in Mordor and wanted to remain closely affiliated to Mordor, but just wanted more freedom in their actions and also a smaller group of people. The first guild to reform from Mordor was TPFS, The Penguin Free States, they reformed as an protectorate and training guild of Mordor. The terms under which they formed were simply, free to make own politics as long as not conflicting with Mordor politics.

True forming of the family Edit

During the BORG + Mordor + allies vs III + CoRM + allies war, Cryon leader Critor made it clear that after the war he wanted to reform CRY. Before any idea of family was brought up, Critor made clear CRY would be there for Mordor should it be needed, without a doubt. Later on, Paestero came up with the idea of the family, which would have the same terms as TPFS had. - Free to make own politics, recruitment and war , as long as not conflicting with the family - Family above all - Loyal to the family

Not much later, RUE reformed aswell and joined the Mordor family.

Mordor family Guilds Edit

- MORDOR (Alpha)
- Cryon
- Haradrim

Strongest faction Edit

Currently (Augstus 2008) Mordor is the most powerful entity on the Alpha server. All family combined, Mordor family fields over 2 billion fleet and over 1 million economy. Due to the spreading over several guilds, recruitment is high, especially in the new family guild Haradrim. CRY, RUE and Mordor have more 'specialized' recruitment and grow much slower then the Penguins. To ensure the new members joining the family are taught well, many experienced members visit the Penguins guilds to spread knowledge to them.

Zero Tolerance Policy Edit

To make it's intension's clear, Mordor announced a Zero Tolerance Policy[1] to any attack upon the family. Which basically meant that any attack upon the family, without approval of a guild leader of the family head Paestero, would be retaliated against harshly.


The official hierarchy has Paestero considered the 'head' of the family.
Cox is known as the Nazgul of the Family which handles all relations between Mordor and the family.
Icea the Nardâru is the Leader of RUE
Critor Is the Leader of Cryon aka CRY
Cox is also the leader of Haradrim

Family guilds can make wars as they see fit without approval of Paestero, as long as not conflicting with the family.
But most of the time, these things are discussed to ensure the family is always able to respond to attacks.

Goals Edit

- Fun
- Wars
- Friendship
- Strength
- Death and destruction

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