97 at it's peak




Pirate Legend

Servers Played


Language(s) Spoken

English (?)

Player type


Date of Creation


Date of Deletion

September 14, 2008


Myshkin, formerly known as Cait Sith, was well known as a hardcore simmer who before his end rivaled Scortwych in level.


Cait Sith was part of the old alpha guild IMP. No Stress even claimed to have debated with the other IMP leaders whether to kick him or not[1] and later on in the game Halo kicked him from 13th. [2]

Cait Sith eventually found his way to the guild MaY and changed his name to Myshkin. MaY suited Myshkin's playing style more due to the fact that its players fight more like Independents than guilded players.

Myshkin earned his title of Pirate Legend, in the only war MaY ever fought against Sir. The pirates we're outnumberd in the uppers, and lost their holds on the A38 JumpGate. Myshkin assambled a special squad to defeat the Sir's. Unfortunately no other pirates could have been there in time. But Myshkin took out all Sir on its own, and made enough debris to create his 21th base. After his victory Bloodfist gave him the title of Pirate Legend.

The EndEdit

On the 14th of September, 2008, without warning Myshkin deleted his account. [3]

References Edit

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