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Octopus Overlords
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Elected Oligarchy





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Friday, 23 June 2006

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OO is one of the top 10 guilds in alpha. It was formed on Friday, 23 June 2006. At one point it was the #3 ranked guild before a major reorganisation where inactive players left the guild. The Octopus family of guilds was the name given to the group of guilds made up of OOBL, OO and OL before they merged into OO. While it existed OO was the main body of the guild, OL was the training guild and OOBL was the combat arm of the guild.

It has been involved in wars with 13th, NPO and BORG throughout its history.


Mordor WarEdit

On the 19th August 2006, Mordordeclaredon OO. After a few weeks of fighting, the war was won and Mordor was forced to surrender.

IMP WarEdit

OO declared on IMP on the 6th November 2006. The war ended on the 15th.

(Please someone put info here of Borg and IMP war.)

First server warEdit

OO itself was not part of this war, but OOBL instead. OOBL spent the majority of the time combating -Min- in the 30's, and did not suffer any great losses. One of the guilds not contacted about HoC. (Please insert more info about OOBL's involvement)

Second server warEdit

During the second server war OO fought NPO as part of the overall 'divide and conquer' strategy. NPO launched an invasion of A24, OO contested by rallying at LENZ's base Foxtrot and harassing the staggered NPO fleets landing at Lord Hoth's Coruscant. Eventually [CoRM] Yugoth switched to NPO and proceeded to guard the NPO LZ with a fleet larger than anything OO had in A24, NPO fleets now began to mass. An uncoordinated recall/evacuation order was issued to OO fleets on their way to reinforce A24, this resulted in all offline OO fleets being overwhelmed by NPO. OOs remaining fleets attempted to regroup in A28 however OO was knocked out of the war when CoRM and III broke engagement with their respective enemies to join with NPO in an attack on the OO fleets now assembled at Octopus End, in addition the attack also rendered the distinctions between the various wars redundant and the war was now openly one server block verse the other.


OO was restructured in August and September 2008. During this time OL and OOBL were dissolved and merged into OO and the less active or too low leveled members of the guild were removed. The majority of these headed to SHLD. Capt. Blastoff replaced Limey as GM at this time, Witch-King of Angmar replacing Capt. Blastoff as Vice GM, GoW replacing Witch-king of Angmar as Diplomat and a new High Council was voted in.

13th WarEdit

Shortly after restructuring started, on the 19th August 2008, 13th declared on OO. The war ended on the 1st of September with OO after losing 100mil fleet and 13th losing 70mil fleet. OO gained 17mil experience and 13th got 3mil experience.

42AO WarEdit

Current StatusEdit

The Octopus Overlords guild is currently inactive. While most of it's membership has left the game, many former Overlords can still be found in other old or large guilds.

Some of the guilds that were once allied to or a Sub-guild of OOEdit

Octopus Battle Lords 
Octopus Lords 
Interstellar Slipstream Military

Important MembersEdit

Capt. Blastoff - Former Guild Master
Witch-King of Angmar - Former Guild Master
GoW- Former Guild Master
waitingtoconnect - Guild Founder
Limey - Former Guild Master 
LENZ - Former Guild Master
Stefan - Former Guild Master
Treasurer - Former Guild Master
Kaeru - Former OL Guild Master

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