Off Game is a forum near Trash Talk which consists of topics unrelated to the game. Basically, it is Trash Talk without the flaming and spamming.

The Common OGreEdit

Off Gamers, or OGres, take things far more seriously than their brother forumites, TTers. They often get bored of the extreme silence of Off Game and wander off to Trash Talk, where they often get flamed at if they draw too much attention to themselves.

The Invasion of Off GameEdit

Trash Talk has invaded Off Game[1]. Who won is a matter of opinion however, the TTers say they won due to the lack of Off Game resistance and due to the fact that most of the people posting in Off Game are TTers. OGres however, think they won due to the fact that Off Game hasn't been riddled with spam and flaming.

Known Off GamersEdit

  • Person012345. Once the most hated forumite of AE, his crown was stolen by the only other known Off Gamer.
  • Aim-64C. Famous for posting massive walls of text every single time he posts, he became the most hated Off Gamer after he went on a day trip to Trash Talk.
  • A spicy new comer Domino or also known as Tiger, has been a long time runner for that title, but somehow he always get beat. Most TTers ignore him though.


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