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Omega Legion is one of the strongest guilds on the beta server. It was formed via a merger between The Legion and Omega. The two guilds were often rivals and fought each other nearly constantly until both sides agreed they were better off on the same side of the battlefield.

Omega Legion is now part of the RAGE alliance. Perhaps the biggest power block in AE history.

History Edit

Just before Bloody Sunday when AA/PM and friends crashed the large Travellers cluster at Vox, Omega and the Legion had started new relations. Tired of being always fighting each other the two guilds signed a NAP. After the war started they again found themselves at odds with each other but both guilds held true to their pact and didn't declare on the other despite pressures to do so. The NAP was threatened when a small contingent of LGN players led by Rakahanga left to create =VOX= during the war. =VOX= was supposed to be a conglomerate guild to help the Travellers side get organized in the chaos however Omega first saw this as LGN trying to get around the NAP. Things soon calmed down as =VOX=, whose intended goals didn't appear to be moving forward, was disbanded.

Nearing the end of the war, The Legion approached Omega to strengthen their relationship and proposed a merger to Omega. After a few weeks of discussing both sides agreed and began to make preparations for the merge. LGN pulled out of the current war, and Omega followed suit after some time. A few days later, on 4 March 2007, they announced the merger and quickly became a server powerhouse jumping immediately to rank 4 overall and 3 in fleet. They quickly cut down their size by creating a training guild, GLORY, led by Ruin.

Omega Legion shortly created a new role for its new identity and labeled themselves the "Bullies of Beta". A lenient attack policy attracted many new and old players to return. With the new attack policy fighting picked up and the two sides soon grew close to one another through the battlefield. Any guild not in the top 15 in economy was a target and those wanting a NAP with Omega Legion were forced to pay tribute to receive one.

GLORY declared its independence.

The Omega Legion, Correlian Mandate, and Hertz are now a Family of Guild sworn by Blood Pact to support and protect one another under all circumstances.

Omega Legion still stands tall today as a member of the RAGE Alliance.

Wars have shifted ranks around.


The Farming Wars Edit

Enemies: Zerg, H-Mig, and many more
Result: Zerg disbanding, surrender by H-MIG and lots of debris for LON

Companion ship builds between Legion and Omega players. Teams form and LON coffers fill. Both Zerg and H-MIG proved worthy opponents but could not deal with LON's numbers. Zerg disbanded and soon reformed a month later.

RAGE vs. GOON Edit

Enemies: GOONion, BLG, G.E. Huntr and more
Result: 8-Month Server War - Truce/Draw - After 8 months of fighting with no decisive block winning or losing, a truce and peace was made between the two powerhouses (though the GOONion Block lost much more than the RAGE Block they didn't surrender). Merger of guilds and strengthening of alliances became the effect of this war on Beta Server. A lot of Beta Server Players also lost interest in playing AE and left the game. Leaving Beta, the Server with least number of players of all AE Servers, yet the Server with most numbers of High level Players in all AE Servers.

After some tension and words on forums and in-game, as well as alleged GOONion hackings of top PM leadership, a war broke out between the RAGE block and the GOONion.


GOONion block- SAS, GOON, BLG, G.E., Huntr.

RAGE had a good hit in the beginning since most Goons thought PM was pretty cool and wouldn't attack them, but after that most Omega simmers declared they don't understand diplomacy and so RAGE keeps the war against the Goonion anti-Rage alliance going. Despite this refusal to make any fair white peaces, Omega/RAGE keep claiming it's the Goonion who refuse to the end the war.

The War of the Family Edit

Enemy: GLORY

Result: GLORY declaring Independence and braking bonds with LON and CM.

LON, after unreconcilable issues with Ruin, tried to persuade all GLORY members loyal to LON to re-join LON. Military offensive was then made against GLORY. In a very short time, LON, with it's overwhelming fleet, stopped all miltary offensives and allowed GLORY its independence. LON left GLORY on its own and broke all bonds with it.

Internal issues between Ruin and Chief Billy/Haze led to the seperation of GLORY from the Family. Issues like the following: -Ruin declaring internally the independence of GLORY with no sanction of LON. -Allowing members with GOON background to join GLORY, an LON training guild. -et al.

The Protectorate War Edit

Enemy: IMPM Result: IMPM surrendered to LON and became a Protectorate of LON until February 2009 with Droxynimph/Lord Ted as the Official LON Viceroy. History was made by LON for making IMPM the very first guild to surrender a war and allowing a Viceroy from LON.

Part of the official LON policy of farming, IMPM was engaged by LON in their galaxy strongholds. IMPM fought gallantly and surrendered with their honour intact to the overwhelming force of LON. IMPM accepted the terms of surrender that includes a Viceroy of LON in their guild and LON, in full respect to IMPM, declared IMPM as a Protectorate of LON.

The Blob War/ RAGE vs GOONion Part II Edit

Enemy: GOONion and all its entity, MORDOR, BuLGE,S«o»S, ★MI5★, D∞W, Wicked, and again all their entities Result: Ongoing

RAGE?:[LΩN] [{CM}] [AA] [MAUI][PT☩SS] [PM] [HWhz] [RFC] [AEON] GOONion: =T=, Goon, BuLGE, S«o»S, «o», ★MI5★, [D∞W], [◣_◢] , -HUN-, [~GS~]

After a relative peace from the last RAGE/GOONion War, war broke out again between the two powerhouses. It all started from the ambush done by GOONs on LON fleet in B40s in pursuit of GE fleet who attacked IMPM, LON's Protectorate at that time. A war agreement between specific guilds of opposing sides was made at the beginning but as the war progressed more guilds were drawn to the fight. Mergers of guilds at war became a relevant issue and so is the formation of BLOB Guilds from both sides. Changing names and TAGS of guilds added upto the confusion of the war. The war still continues upto date 14/03/2009.

Notable PlayersEdit


Omega GM during the merge and Co-GM of the Omega Legion. A high experience player with good connections he has quickly built strong relationships for the Omega Legion.

Chief Billy BowlegsEdit

Legion GM during the merge and Co-GM of the Omega Legion. Strong motivational character internally for LON and inspires many around him. He would do anything for his guild and sets a noble example for those around him. Also serves as comedic relief inside the guild.

Rakahanga Edit

3rd in Command of the Omega Legion and a strong player. Strong stats and leadership make him a strong asset to the Omega Legion. He leads now as the Military Commander for the Omega Legion and the Omega Legion commander within RAGE2. He is currently in Band of Brothers [BOB] as a Omega Legionnaire.

Darkus Edit

Friendly and vigilant Darkus is one of the top leaders within LON and serves as a Military Commander.

Icarium Edit

Strong Military Commander for the Omega Legion and the Omega Legion leader with RAGE. Always up to crash fleet Icarium leads by example when it comes to attacking.

Tiresmoke Edit

An excellent leader and commander, Tiresmoke stands as a team captain in LON, although lately he has the notable role of being the GM of RAGE2. Always helpful and around Tiresmoke it is all business. Does his job above all expectations.

Pigs Edit

A very kind and loved player within the ranks. He is always respectful and helpful. He is both trade officer and diplomat for the Omega Legion.


Disliked by many enemies and forum goers for their harsh tactics and the easy-to-hate Chief Billy threads, LON has many enemies, and many more friends. The Angry Platypus stands at the head of the anti-LON movement on the forum. The Omega Legion thrives on these feelings from their enemies and has proven themselves time and time again to be capable leaders and warriors.

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