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English, Swedish, German

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Date of Creation

Oct. 08


Oscar is a player at Delta Server. He hasn't played at Delta so long, but he has been level 70 at Alpha Server

He is the second weakest player in WMD, but he is growing fast.

Alpha Edit

Oscar played Alpha during a longer time, 1.5 years, but he left a while ago, just before the first server war Oscar was a DT player, but he was one no one noticed.

Delta Edit

Oscar started at Delta when one of his brothers friends, CRISIS, wanted him to join. He started up in TSAD, an extention-guld of SAD (Simmer Are Derbis).

After aaround 2 weeks he left TSAD, to join HoA. But HoA was often attacked, and they merged with WMD. A week later WMD was hacked.

Oscar joined the WMD Group OmegaAlpha, and now he's rank is ωα Private. He is protected by [WMD] CRISIS and [DDoW] The Answer Is: 42.

Attacks Edit

Neither on Alpha or Delta Oscar has been one of the best fighters, he is more focused in economy. On Delta he has only made two attacks during 60 days of playing, both against UC's.

And in both cases it was only defenses.

Ships Destroyed Edit


Defenses Destroyed Edit

30 Ion Turrets

15 Photon Turrets

Real Life Edit

Oscar is a young player at Astro Empires, but not inexperienced at all. He is, as himself have said, "a 13 year old geek with acne".

He live in Sweden, in the city Norrköping.

Links Edit

Oscar's Profile WMD

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