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Aggressive, suicidal, everything for guild

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July 30, 2006


Paestero is the former guild leader of MORDOR (Alpha), and head of the Mordor family and is highly respected by many, both in MORDOR and outside of the guild. He is currently a member of UCorp.

History Edit

Pre AE Edit

I came to AE from the game Mankind, where I was member of Black-Watch ([BW]), Space Raiders (=SR=),
Arabische Koalition (Abdul), Galatic Empire (-GE-).
I've led the Black Watch over a full year, during which I tried to improve the organization and many others.
During my time in Mankind (close to three years), I was fighting over 90% of the time.

My bases were some of the hardest bases in BW, and were similar in toughness to MORDOR fortresses.
Safe to say, I spent a lot of time into designing systems. And many of those designs worked very well.
During my time as BW I had to deal with a legacy of leader which were close to Mordor,
and even tho I never really had any alliance or dealings with Mordor, I respect them greatly as a warrior guild.
Which is why I joined Mordor the moment I came to AE!

Once the cheating in Mankind started killing the game, I left... eventually stumbling upon AE via a link on a Mankind forum.

AE Start Edit

Started the game shortly before MORDOR vs OO war began.
I was kicked out to keep me safe from harms way.. which in turn led to the occupation of most my bases!
After the war ended I joined Mordor, and the learning process began.
I was known by several already, who fought with or against me in Mankind.
And also talking to Gothmog much in Mankind made me 'Core Mordor" quite quickly.
Even tho this only meant I knew what went on, but had no influence at all.

AE - Rising in ranks Edit

Eventually as time went by, I rose a little in Mordor ranks.
I was put in charge of the scouting efforts of Mordor,
for which I made a program which processed info you could gather with copy and past (if you use firefox).
After that time, I always held a special rank within Mordor.
And Gothmog payed more attentions to my words.
Even tho my influence was always countered by a certain person...

Darkness and Czar Edit

From my time in Mankind I knew first hand the lies and bullshit that came from these two.
Best example was where they gave me access to a fleet account of theirs,
then asked if I had the "trainer" (used in cheating) and admitted right there they were using it.
Due to being out of the game with one foot already, I didn't care.
However.. on the public forums, they were basically crucifying an enemy who they -suspected- of cheating.
I didn't care much, but I took good note of this. Should I come across them again.

Organizing Mordor - Rise to High Captain Edit

Together with Critor I came up with the idea and plan to organize Mordor.
Prior to this we had little to no organization. But as we grew, we had no choice.
We formed galaxy groups (A00-A04, A05-A09, A10-A14 etc), which a General commanded.

With the time I put into the game, and respect I gained by hard working in service for Mordor,
I quickly became the "guy to go to". And I helped my fellow Mordors best I could, whenever I could.

There was also a elite group formed, which Darkness hoped to command. But despite his strong opposing of it,
that honor was given to me by Gothmog. Even tho that group (in that form and at that time) never became effective
but it was a moral victory for me over Darkness.. who did everything to get rid of me.
Eventually Darkness was kicked out of Mordor due to (very) bad behavior. And was not long before Czar followed him.
(Even tho he first said he -agreed-, then turned 360 and was mad a us. Don't you love people who share accounts?)

At this time I was holding the rank of "High Captain", which basically put me in "nobody knows what it means but we respect your words as a leader"-area.
And was in charge of all scouting efforts of Mordor, elite group and helped in the daily "questions" and "advices".

Gothmog account deletion Edit

Waking up one morning, Gothmog was gone. Not away, but his entire account was gone.
A quick chaos ensued, goes nobody knew anything. At this time Sebastian was our diplomat (effectivly 2nd in command).
I emailed Gothmog via various ways, and learned quickly his account was somehow deleted.
To date, the exact details are unknown still..

San pablo got the GM position due to being lowest player id. Knowing me from Mankind, he transfered GM to me.
After a short talk with Sebastian and other core Mordor, we decided Sebastian was the best person for the job.
Quickly after his rise to power, I was promoted to Commander, and put in charge of internal affairs officially.

At this time Mordor had fought:
RL + 13th
NPO + Odd + Trinity
13th (2nd war) was in progress I believe

Return of Gothmog - Rise to High Commander Edit

Eventually Gothmog returned, and even tho the details are unknown to me, quickly after, Sebastian left Mordor.
My position as Commander remained intact, which allowed me to do a lot of internal stuff, while Gothmog focused on diplomacy.
During this time we had three commanders; Blue Hydra, Ren Nazgul and myself. Of which I was the most active.
It was not long before we ended 13th 2nd war, and a new war began vs Alpha Team and CGB. Who were joined by 13th, AoE and HoA.
During this war, I was effectively commanding all Mordor forces and motivating every orc to fight their asses off,
with help of many generals and captains. Mordor was help to stand it's ground against great odds and even get several victories.
One of which in A03, which I personally helped in creating by keep hitting enemy recyclers with everything I could.
Defenses fleets were stripped down to scouts, and carriers and corvette's were being built on double speed all the time.
Eventually Scar and others were able to break the enemy fleets, gaining us over 10M debris. Which gave Mordor a good boost in moral.
After 1-2 months of fighting, I was able to bring our enemies to the table and end the war in white peace,
even tho all Mordors will tell you that we won. Because the successes we made against such odds made us all proud to be Mordor.

After this war, I was promoted to High Commander. "Highest" of the commander, and officially second in command of all Mordor forces.
During this time I started taking on more and more responsibilities. Which made me part of the foundations which Mordor relied on.
Internal affairs, scouting (even tho most of which was now under supervision of Lord Mike), and diplomacy were all area's I was involved in.

CoRM war - HoC - Rise to Dark Lord Edit

After the last war, people were used to me leading many battles. And when the CoRM war started, this is exactly what I did.
At the start of this war, I ordered people to gather forces in three locations, lower, teens and a20's.
However uncertain, it is claimed that by doing so Mordor started the Blob strategy, even tho our gatherings were considerable small to now-days Blobs.

In the beginning of the war, Mordor fought more a war of evasion, as we faced both EeY and CoRM in the beginning and were outnumbered and outgunned.
Later when EeY left the war, we quickly began offensive actions and were able to suprised CoRM on several occasions.
However not much later the initiative of the attacks began to turn to CoRM and we were forced to act more carefull.
In this war, we attempted to gather enough forces on-line to attack the CoRM gathering, and after trying 3 times we stopped trying.

Eventually, I was approached by Bosk and Stefan from BORG who were fighting III.
They wanted to do a massive attack on the III jumpgate. Listening to their plan, I agreed.
After which Mordor gathered over 640M fleet in lowers.. of which 400M actually participated in the Hall_of_Chosen battle.

After that battle, due to Gothmog being only one with recruiting powers in Mordor it took us several hours to return home.
During this time, Gothmog offered me to take over Mordor leadership as I was doing 'all' the work and was a lot more active.
After accepting this and returning to Mordor, Gothmog promoted me to leader of Mordor.
And a few days later, Gothmog left Mordor to seek a new guild to raise to greatness.

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