In Astro Empires there are protections in place to help protect new players from being attacked and farmed by older more experienced players. The original player protection rules ceased to exist in August 2008 and were replaced by a new set of rules.

The Current Player Protection RulesEdit

The current server protection rules were announced on August 4th (2008) and implemented on August 12th. This was the largest change to the server protection system since the game was launched. The upgrade did away completely with the old rules and replaced them with a new set.

Wizard has said the rules where altered to remove confusion of each server having its own protection level and to expand protection as extremely high levels are reached by more and more players. There has been controversy on the forums, many viewing the changes as a step backwards especially in regards to the removal of the 7 day protection rule. The new protection rules also invalidates a lot of the popular How to build 10 planets in 7 days! guide.

The new rules mean that players lower than level 10 cannot be attacked over their own bases. Players higher than level 10 but lower than level 20 bases can only be attacked by those players within 5 levels of them. And players between levels 20 and 30 can only be attacked by players within 10 levels of them. Like the old rules, if a protected player attacks another player he would normally be protected from his protection will be dropped for 48 hours. Thus Losing Player Level Protection

Player protection

The Old Player Protection RulesEdit

The original player protection rules came into the game when it was first launched. It comprised of two elements. The '7 day protection rule' and the 'level protection rule'. The 7 day protection rule does exactly what it says, it means that anyone within their first 7 days could not be attacked over their bases. Full stop, end of story.

The level protection rule meant that anyone below a set level could only be attacked by someone within 10 levels of them. This level was originally manually changed by the game admins, from 10 to 15, 20 and so on as the sever grew older. On the 7th May (2007) this became automated based on the average level of players on the sever. This protection level was capped at level 30.

Level of protection = Average level of players with economy above 20

Future Changes?Edit

With the dissatisfaction of many players with the current protection rules it is entirely possible the game administration will take another look at them in the future, however for the time being at least there are no plans to change them.

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