The Gamma Server Portal is your portal to anything Gamma Server. Think of it as your Index page to step into the Gamma Server. Below are the beginnings of your journey into Gamma, to the right the articles tied to the Gamma server that need your help!

Gamma Server is the latest of the Astro Empires servers so expect a lot of gaps in information on its history, current standing and players within its pages.

Gamma Portal Articles of focus

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Gamma Server Top 30 Guilds

(As of 16th October 2011)

  1. [DS] Dead Silence
  2. [PUB] Party at Ur Blob
  4. [=¿=] Riddle
  5. [(-o-)] Space PoKéNoM heroes
  6. [RAGE] Nerd Rage
  7. [STEEL] Steel Alliance
  8. [CoRE] CoREs got Spaceboats!
  9. [¤N¤] Nihilists
  10. [-SI-] Space Invaders
  12. [WEB] White Eagles Brotherhood
  13. [-GTF-] Gamma Trade Federation
  14. [SCDBZ] Shadow Company
  15. [UFP] United Federation of Planets
  16. [\_T_/] Too Much Free Time
  17. [SITH] High Sith Empire
  18. [CHILL] Enjoying The Game
  19. [GOON] MORTAL COMBAT ( Death In Space)
  20. [SO] Spartan Omega
  21. [BT] Black Templars
  22. [19th] The Nineteenth Brigade
  23. [~V~] Vendetta
  24. [Oy] Miekkas Marauders
  25. [Troll] Dey see uz trolin
  26. [DAEIN] Daein Empire
  27. [H.U.N] Hungarian Alliance
  28. [~LGN~] Eternal Legion
  29. [ROGUE] Space Pirates
  30. [TMD] Trans-Metal Dragons


1. [UFP], [DDoS], [STEEL], [¤N¤], [-SI-]
2. [DS], [=¿=], [PUB],

Gamma Server

Gamma server was launched on 30th May 2009.

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