Prince Yuki is a founding member and current Anla'Shok Na (Ranger One) of the Minbari Federation.

Yuki suck

Yuki, shown entering an emo phase, is teh suck.

Originally hearing about AstroEmpires on the NPO forums in CyberNations, Prince Yuki started in AE in late 2006 where he joined the Imperium (which soon became the New Planetary Order and fought in both the CLS Coalition War and in a war against Mordor. During this time, he and Saberj concocted an idea to start a new guild based on the Minbari from Babylon 5, which they formed at the end of the war with Mordor.

Under the -Min- banner, Prince Yuki has fought in the The Brotherhood of Odd vs. Minbari Federation War, the "We've Been Planning This For Months" War, as well as the Great War of 2007-2008. In all his engagements, Prince Yuki has shown an unheard of daring to repeatedly lose all his recyclers and mobile fleet at every possible opportunity, catapulting him to the top of his guild in experience rankings.

In early 2008, Prince Yuki acquired an account from veteran player TecKSoniK and gave his old one to Faolchú AmberEyes.

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