Qµeen Kri§tinne





Realms of Essµr and Yales


¤ I.D.A.F. ¤

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Language(s) Spoken

English, French

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Date of Creation

May 27, 2006


Description Edit

Qµeen Kri§tinne is the most charismatic leader of the Realms of Essµr and Yales. She created the EeY guild at the beginning of Alpha server. She's used to lead her guild with her philosophy named "noetic". She also has a large influence in AstroEmpires politic as the Realms of Essµr and Yales is one of the most powerful groups on Alpha server. Kri§tinne is a totaly Role-Play-oriented character, she's the 107th Qµeen Thoreïde of Essµr. She's also compared to the Archangel of Essµr and Yales, which find its origin in Mankind Galaxy.

Origins Edit

Kri§tinne previously played Mankind ( where she was also the Queen of the Realms of Essµr and Yales (you can read her memories on []).

Some DetailsEdit

Kri§tinne Thoreïde-Lysippe drives the Essµrian Gµard in the Essµrian Order of Battle. Previously, this fleet component was used for final assaults only (after guild member's drop), taking into account it was one the best power fire fleet in alpha, but now devoted to possible "blob" battles, or "marginal battles"...

Sometimes, she gives the Essµrian Gµard command to Her Daughter "Natasha Feline", war code name of Enaira Thoreïde (Role Play command, of course), character more simple and wild.

Kri§tinne Thoreïde-Lysippe is member of the Dojo for the start of her Astro Empires tales : it means she refuses to open fire against someone in peace times, excepted United Colonies, Drekons or inactives. She have always asked the members of the Crown, as the Trinitean other components, to follow the same behavior.

Even if the Noetic philosophy is in constant cinematic, cause an "on-line processing" reflexion, the two Noetic major point consists :

- The survival of the Essµrian Realms noetic point of view consists to regroup antagonist and concurrential parts (members, factions) the Qµeen tries to become as complementare, in order the Realms have a lot of adaptated parts if/when the galaxy changes sudenly.

- She listen an erratic artificial space object, called the Artefact, following her, which seems to have recorded several philosophical, scientist, martial... notions he computes to help Kri§tinne Thoreïde for a reason she ignores.

Criticism Edit

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