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1. Defend your bases the best you can.

2. Don't allow yourself to become a profitable target. We will make sure the profit goes to us before it goes to another guild.

3. Be POLITE. You may gain a new friend.

4. Don't ever embarrass the guild on the forums.

5. Refer all pact inquiries to the GM SilverKnight.

6. We are experienced players. If you are not, don't let it show to our enemies. Ask for our help.

7. Focus on asteroids as much as possible. Ignore this warning at your own peril when you call for help. This server will grow to hate us but halt at attacking bases with 3 or 4 layers of Prings.

8. Keep messages clean as they can lead to future profits.

KOS to politics policy-

Tags don't mean squat.

If their turrets suck, you have permission to hit.

We don't have any allies, and I don't plan on any either.

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