Repairs are carried out in Astro Empires on ships. When your fleet has been in combat some ships will be damaged and need repaired. Ships such as fighters, corvettes and other small ships will auto-repair to full strength after a battle however larger ships, cruisers and larger run the risk of being damaged. When this happens you will need to repair them (which costs credits).

A maximum of one of each type of ship will be damaged at the end of combat, for example you cannot have two damaged Titans. When a ship is damaged you will be unable to move it. You can however move the rest of the ships and just leave that one ship behind.

Repairs are calculated based on the following formula:

Cost to repair = 'Ship Cost' x (1 - 'Ship Fraction') x 50%

If you for instance have a Dreadnought which has sustained 40% damage, then ship fraction will be 0.6. The initial ship cost 10,000 cr.

2,000 = 10,000 x (1 - 0,6) x 50%

The total cost to repair the ship will be 2,000.00 credits.

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