Retired Moderator






Jun 06



Scortwych along with Jaimehlers where the first two Moderators on the AstroEmpires forums. Following accusations of bias and ingame action for forum decisions it was decided that future moderators would have to create moderation accounts to protect their Anonymity. Scortwych retired as a moderator in Nov 06.

In GameEdit

Scortwych is the 601st player to join AEs first server and today remains at the top of the rankings. He holds the post of war commander of the 6th oldest guild to still live today. EeY

He also helped lead and formed -III- another of alpha's most influential guilds.

Scort also is a volunteer on the forums, and one of the most respected and feared players in the game. He has been the first player to get to level 60, 70, 80, 90, and the 3rd to reach level 100.

Scort is not only the top in level, but also the top in experience, and was also the first player to get 10mil experience.

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