At this time there are twenty-four ongoing servers the 24th being a Speed Server, which allows play a limited amount of time, is usually called Ares when in use.  

Server Versions: Edit

There are two versions of AE currently in use.  

Version 1.5 is played on servers Alpha through Sigma 

Version 2.0 is played on servers Andromeda through Iridium. This version lowered the training costs of Commanders and included a maintenance cost for larger fleets.   

Server Galaxy Structure:  Edit

1) Each Server hosts a single "universe" with 40 to 70 individual galaxies.

2) Starting with server Nova (version1.5) the galaxy shapes changed from "roughly circular" (see pic 1) to "spiral".

Circular galaxy

Spiral Galaxy

Start-up: Edit

Initially players join AE by choosing which server they wish to join.

It is possible to join multiple servers and to play on all, however the various server games do not interact.

Additional servers are opened every few months and, so far, all are still operating.

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