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Savage Knight, ERIKUSTAS

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4th May 2011


Description Edit

THE VOID is a guild in Ixion founded by Jonskma. It is a fast-growing guild which reached rank 50 after one month and now rank 29. By now, THE VOID is developing in a peaceful and non-aggressive way. THE VOID is now recruiting. All players, new and old, are welcomed here. THE VOID is also in Kappa. Here is our link:

Government Edit

THE VOID has a democratic government. The Guild Master of the guild and is assisted by a VGM and the Immortals(Void founder and great contributors). Under their leadership are 3 ministries, each with their own ministers and officers.

Wars Edit

1. The Void-IoM War

[^IoM^] declared war on 6th June, 2011.

2. The Void-Pun War

[PUN] declared war on 13th June, 2011. [PUN] got [VOID]'s bases locations from the betrayal of a former member, DarkJakey, and I14 fell in 4 days under attacks of huge fleets. Members of The Void fought guerrilla battles valiantly and gave [PUN]s in I14 huge damages and a few surprises. In return DarkJakey began stealing occupations from members but the stealing fleets were shieldraped.

History Edit

  • 4th May, 2011: The Void founded as blasting lol apple house with tag [blah]
  • 4th May, 2011: Guild name changed to The Void and tag to [TV]
  • 7th May, 2011: First new member since establishment: ryanyahhh
  • 9th May, 2011: Merge of [Borg]
  • 10th May, 2011: Mastership transferred from jonskma to ERIKUSTAS
  • 11th May, 2011: Guild tag changed to [VOID]
  • 21th May, 2011: Merge of Galactic Guild, [nato]
  • 22th May, 2011: Member count reach 20
  • 24th May, 2011: Guild in top 70s in the rank
  • 26th May, 2011: Merge of [WTF-r], When Turtles Fly, the Rebirth
  • 27th May, 2011: Member Count reach 30
  • 28th May, 2011: Guild level reaches 40
  • 29th May, 2011: Guild in top 60
  • 30th May, 2011: Guild in The Ixion Collective
  • 1st June, 2011: Member Count reach 40
  • 5th June, 2011: Guild in top 50
  • 6th June, 2011: War declared on [^IoM^]
  • 13th June, 2011: War declared by [PUN]
  • 15th June, 2011: Betrayal of DarkJakey causing huge damage in I14
  • 16th June, 2011: Half bases in I14 fell
  • 17th June, 2011: Three members gone and formed a new guild: [ROC]

Diplomacy Edit

Proud member of the Ixion Collective

Alliance with [TSG],[ABU] and [NK]

At war with [PUN]

Links Edit

Guild Homepage:

THE VOID (Kappa)

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