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501st Clone Army
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Training Guild

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March 15th 2008


The Start Edit

It all started when Cody the Guild Master for this little guild left HB to make his own guild, he mainly did that because Dira (the second in command) asked him to. After 4 days and having only 2 members, Dira sent a message stating they would like to be a training guild for HB. LYNX really liked the idea so he asked the members of HB to be trainers for 501st. Domino Harvey a young warrior just over 100 days heard the cry for help, so she joined 501 to train people, also Cable joined to he is sightly older then Domino Harvey also known as Lord Ted, but also knows the game well.

More people Come Edit

The foursome worked with Dira in 2nd in command, Cody as GM, Domino as Defense Leader, cable as trainer. Then more came first came mith, a young upcoming good player, Domino told him exactly what to do.

Others soon followed to the point they had 11 members. The guild kept going and no one could stop it. But then along came a guy named Konvict Domino not putting any trust in this level 40 got his coordinates, he soon left, because of Tiger Lord a man against 501.

Pacts/Guild Relations Edit


NAPs- [ROPE] · [M.I.G] · [!=$=!] · [EoD] · [ORKS]

MDPs- [TBL] · [KoM] · [CotF]

Command Structure Edit

Leader: Cody

Second in command: Dira

Third in command: Domino

Trainers: Cable, Domino

Diplomats: Dira, Domino

Tactics officer: Domino

Defense / Base overseer: Domino

Intel officer: Domino, Cody, cable, Dira

Recruiter: Everyone

People who changed the Guild Edit

I like to point out a person who changed the guild doing more then the gm. Her jobs are defense and base overseer, 3rd in command, Recruiter, Tactic officer, diplomat, intel officer. She set up alliances, accepted people around the clock. This person is Domino Harvey.

Solider of The Week Edit


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