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[BLG] The Bloodguard
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The Bloodguard was originally formed by Awaba and Minddistorter after they (and others - including Greyman who had been playing AE for some time) left Kings of Chaos and their guild there (also called The Bloodguard) and scattered into several small guilds on Beta. The Bloodguard was an attempt to rally these players and organise them in a similar way to their old Kings of Chaos guild.

However after a merger with [FUBAR], todays BLG is the product of 'shrewd' leadership skills in the persona of JJC, 'bravado' of The Don (both retired), extreme warmongering by Awaba and freaky cat pictures by The Angry Platypus. And the awesome Marth who has the biggest you know what in BLG.

Throughout the early history of The Bloodguard, the majority of the wars they were embroiled in were a direct result of their attempting to destroy easily routed lesser guilds. In many such instances, a larger guild or guilds declared on The Bloodguard for their attacking a smaller guild. However of late, especially since their alliance with the Goonion, they have been fairly quiescent and have not declared on anybody of importance for a great deal of time. venomous, who is to the "Left of Lenin" and keyser soze argue over random things constantly on the board both, thinking the other is screwing the Earth, and the Beta Server.

There is a Bloodguard incarnation now playing on the [1]Fenix server, with a few players from Beta Bloodguard, assisted by Beta [◣_◢] Wicked and Delta [UN4] veterans. However do not get the two confused, they have little to do with each other and the overall culture is much different.

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