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[TPFS] The Penguin Free States
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Late 2007

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October 10th 2008


The Penguin Free StatesEdit

The Penguin Free States otherwise known as TPFS, is an AstroEmpires gulid that was founded in the latter months of 2006. It is in the alpha server and ranked in the top 20 guilds.

TPFS can be found here: [1]

Early yearsEdit

The original GM of TPFS was Evil penguin, his brother Fish Heads :o was one of the first members.

The Penguin Free States' founder, Evil Penguin, first joined Alpha Team and became a real power aginst the Imperium (at one point his fleet was 11% of the Imperium's entire fleet). When the first Imperium war ended, the Imperium declined to offer Alpha Team terms and we fought on alone. He tried to negotiate, but after two weeks of near constant fighting and being on-line, he cut his own deal with the Imperium with Alpha's approval (He had reached his physical limit). Alpha Team finally cut a deal a week or two latter on worse terms then EvilPenguin had gotten Vladimir to offer Alpha before he quit.

For reasons of remaining loyalty to Alpha, he started his own guild, The Penguin Free States which Vladimir (the original head of the Imperium and with whom Evil Penguin had a very good working relationship) saw fit to protect. TPFS was more or less started as a means for him to affiliate with the Imperium without joining, which he thought would have been a slap in the face of Alpha, who were crazy, but decent blokes. For some reason that he has never really understood, unless it the Imperial protection, I started getting requests from players to join TPFS.

In its early days, TPFS was always a client/proxy of the Imperium. Once Fish Heads joined the game, TPFS started gaining real strength. In the Second Imperium War against Corm and the Dark Templars, TPFS stood with the Imperium and gained a reputation as a spunky guild that would fight big battles. When the war ended, TPFS attracted a lot of new members from both the Imperium and Corm/DT. (Written by Evil Penguin, edited by HopAlong23, 1 AUG 08)

TPFS of nowEdit

TPFS is now a well established freindly guild. It has earned the protection of mordor and has created a training guild TCFS (Which has been disbanded). The guild is ran by Hopalong23 primaraly. However there are Vice Penguins who help our GM along with section commanders, Such as commanders for A01-A09, A10-A19 etc. Below commander status are captain who aid the commander in their duty's.

For every other member of the guild is a ranking system which is based on two words. A prefix and suffix, the prefix word denotes a certain amount of economy and the suffix denotes the best ship that penguin is able to produce. Exact details cannot be listed in this article for secruity reasons.


TCFS was created on the 23rd of July 2008 by Beer Jew a former member of TPFS and current member of RUE sent by Hopalong23 to lead the new guild for smaller players to join, so they may then grow before joining TPFS. Many players went from TPFS to TCFS to help the guild move along and protect the smaller players.

Controversial End of TPFSEdit

In late October 2008, Hopalong left TPFS for UCorp leaving Mrg666 as the Guildmaster. The reasons
for this was to see what would happen when he left, and to see who was loyal to the guild. When this
happened members panicked and thought the guild was dead. As a Mordor_family member, a few Balrogs
of Mordor took it upon themselves to come over and help out TPFS. Hopalong was watching the members
though a second account, A Huge Tasier, and later during the night attempted to remove everyone from
the guild. This lead Mrg, a high council of TPFS, to give GM to Ren Nazgul of Mordor and Tarsier was
removed. Later the next day some members of TPFS came back and others left. As confirmed from guild logs
and other TPFS leaders Hopalong indeed attempted to selfdestruct the guild. This lead to the end of TPFS
in the Mordor Family and the rise of Haradrim.

A detailed account of the events is also on Cox's page who took over to stabilize the guild.

Change of NameEdit

After the events of the ex-Guildmaster, TPFS was changed to Haradrim. The guild is now lead by Cox
and John McCain aka Olde Delaware.

Both guilds were and are members within the Mordor_family.

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