The Resistance
Political information
Type of government




Military Commander(s)

Assassin Z80


1cy Cabbage

Societal information
Guild language(s)


Guild type

Friendly To those who want it to be

Historical information
Formed from

The Assassins .Inc

Date of establishment

20 August 2010

Date of dissolution

The Resistance was created to fight against those who stand in-front of us and to fight along side those who fight with us. We do not choose our stance between our guilds, we always make the second move. If you attack us we will fight back.

Wars: None

Enemys: [BOOZ]

Allies: [BOD] [Fwtw] [10K]

Our story:

Our story begins when the war of H65 started forcing most in the galaxy to choose a side to merge with to avoid being attacked by the masses of incoming ships. After a couple days of debating and decisions, our guild was split between the two sides. After being protected by or new guild for sometime they started slaking in there promise and attacks on the lower members in the guild started increasing more and more every week. Then with one final push The Resistance was formed by Kidsamos on the 20 August 2010. Shortly after, The rest of the squad joined up to form the base of the resistance and have been keeping quiet while fighting the war of survival.

Following the creation of the resistance, may pacts have been made and terms negotiated to form a strong bond between the smaller guilds in the neighboring galaxy's so when the time is right we can strike back against the larger guilds.

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